Main Zinda Hoon Lyrics Translation | Paltan / Sonu Nigam (2018)

Movie: Paltan (2018)
Music: Anu Malik
Lyrics: Javed Akhtar
Singer: Sonu Nigam
Label: Zee Music Company

saathiyon saathiyon aakhiri baar
kya keh raha hoon suno
ho sake to suno...

O friends, friends,
for the last time, I'm saying something,
listen if you can.

maine apne garm lahu se
waqt ke barfeele kaaGaz pe
ik paiGaam likha hai
jinke naam likha hai
un tak pahuncha dena
mere man ki baat
unhe tum batla dena

On the snowy paper of time,
I have written a message
with my blood.
Make sure it reaches those
I have written it for.
Tell them what's there in my heart.

meri maa se tum ye kehna
bachpan mein mujhse tune kaha tha
dharti maa bhi maa hoti hai
maine aaj is dharti maa ki laaj rakhi hai
mat ro maa tu kyun roti hai
kyun roti hai

Tell my mother,
that she had told me in my childhood,
that even the earth is our mother.
I have, today, maintained the dignity of this motherland.
don't cry, O mother.
Why do you cry?

maine apne garm lahu se
waqt ke barfeele kaaghaz pe
ik paiGaam likha hai...

mere baba se tum kehna
bachpan mein mujhse tumne kaha tha
aisa kuch mat karna ki main sharminda hoon
tumne kaha tha itihaas humse kehta hai
jo hai bahaadur, marke bhi zinda rehta hai
baat tumhari maan li maine
apne watan pe jaan di maine
dekho baba aaj main marke bhi zinda hoon

Tell my father,
that he had told me in my childhood,
not to do anything that would make him ashamed.
He had said that history tells us,
that the brave one lives even after dying.
I listened to what you said.
I have given my life for the country.
See, father, today, I'm alive even after dying.

sau karoR insaanon ke
ehsaas mein main zinda hoon
hindostaan ke man mein base
vishwaas mein main zinda hoon

In the feelings of a hundred crore people
I'm alive.
In the belief that's there in the heart of India,
I'm alive.

naujawaan chehron mein main hoon
sarhad par pehron mein main hoon
tum mera koi Gam na karna
apni palkon ko nam na karna
apna gaurav kam na karna

I'm there in young faces,
I'm there in the patrolling on the border.
Don't be sad about me,
Don't make your eyes wet,
Don't reduce your pride.

main zinda hoon
main zinda hoon...

I'm alive.

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