Kyun Main Jaagoon: Lyrics, Translation (Patiala House)

Mujhe yoon hi kar ke khwaabon se juda
Jaane kahan chhup ke baitha hai khuda
Jaanu na main kab hua khud se gumshuda
Kaise jiyoon rooh bhi mujhse hai juda

Separating me from my dreams just like that,
I don't know where God has hidden himself,
I don't know when I lost myself
How do I live, even my soul is away from me

Kyun meri raahein mujhse poochhein
Ghar kahan hai
Kyun mujhse aa ke
Dastak poochhe dar kahan hai

Why do my paths ask me where my home is..
Why does knock ask me where the door is

Raahein aisi jinki manzil hi nahin
Dhoondho mujhe ab main rehta hoon wahin
Dil hai kahin aur dhadkan hai kahin
Saansein hain magar kyun zinda main nahin

Paths which have no destination,
Find me, now I live there only..
My heart is somewhere and heartbeat somewhere else,
(My) breaths are there but (don't know) why I'm not alive..

Raet bani haathon se yoon beh gayi
Takdeer meri bikhri har jagah
Kaise likhun phir se nayi daastan
Gham ki siyahi dikhti hai kahan

It became sand and flowed from my hands,
such that my luck is spilled everywhere..
How do I write a new tale,
I can't see the ink of grief (to write with)

Raahein jo chuni hain meri thi raza
Rehta hoon kyun phir khud se hi khafa
Aisi bhi huyi thi mujhse kya khata
Tune jo mujhe di jeene ki saza

The paths I chose was my will
Then why do I remain angry with myself..
What such mistake had I made that
you punished me to life..

Bande tere maathe pe hain jo khinchi
Bas chand lakeeron jitna hai jahaan
Aansun mere mujhko mitate rahe
Rab ka hukm na mit-ta hai yahan

O man, the World is as big,
as the lines on your forehead
My tears are erasing me,
The order of the God is not erased.

Raahein aisi jinki manzil hi nahin
Dhoondho mujhe ab main rehta hoon wahin
Dil hai kahin aur dhadkan hai kahin
Saansein hain magar kyun zinda main nahin

Kyun main jaagoon
Aur woh sapne bo raha hai
Kyun mera rab yun
Aankhien khole so raha hai
Kyun main jaagoon

Why do I wake up
and He is sowing dreams
Why is my God sleeping like that with eyes open..


Rachel said...


bahut sukriya for the translation
of this sad song

Keep it up

Very good work !!

Unknown said...

it touched my heart...............i am just speechless now......

Rex from DC said...

This an amazing song! one of the most touching recent songs I can remember. Shafqat Amanat Ali (the singer), Anvita Dutt Guptan (lyricist) and Shankar-Ehsaan-Loy (music director) knocked this out of the park!

NICK said...

Truly the most touching lyrics, great song, for the life off the track...& searching for the same....

Rabiu Ibraheem said...

I can't stop watching that movie. I have been seeking medical school admission for three years now and this lyric tells the tales of my life

Bollywood Songs said...

This is very sad song played by Akshay Kumar in the film.
it seems like he is cryings really.

Vivek said...

Sensational song - the music, the lyrics, and of course, the singing. Kudos to the lyricist for writing this... It's a very touching, heart-wrenching package.

Unknown said...

feeling very much sad and even um crying over reading the above written translation of the song , it is just awsome . . .RiyaDIYA

Mansi said...

Inner most appropriately describing in this song.

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