Tinka Tinka Aashayein: Lyrics, Translation

tinka tinka aashayein, man re nai sanjona
tanha tanha rah jaana, bunna na aashiyaana
ye khwab ta ik din toot jaana..
o jiya nai jeena, mar jaana,
jag jhootha ab jaana..

O heart, don't collect small straws of hopes,
stay alone, don't build a home (in dreams),
this dream has to break one day,
o heart, (I) don't have to live, have to die,
Now I got to know that the world is a lie..

tod le jaise lau koi diyon se
chheen le roshni jo ankhiyon se
andheron mein hai zindagi
khud se hai kyun berukhi
haye kahan ye dard chhupana

as if someone breaks the flame from lamps,
as if someone snatches the light from eyes,
life is in darkness,
why is there an apathy against myself,
alas! where to hide this pain..

o jiya nai jeena re, mar jaana
jag jhootha ab jaana

ud gaye kyun hain rang chahaton ke
kat gaye kyun hain pankh khwahishon ke
soona soona hai kyun safar
badli badli hai har nazar
haye khoyi hai raah kitthe jaana

why have the colors of love gone,
why are the wings of wishes pinioned/cut,
why is the journey lonely,
every sight is changed,
the path is lost, where (do I have) to go..

o jiya nai jeena re, mar jaana
jag jhootha ab jaana

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