O Mama (7 Khoon Maaf): Lyrics, Translation

o mama o mama
o mama o mama
dil se hi ab sochta hai dil mera o mama
sar ko aksar nochta hai dil mera o mama o mama
ab khair to nahi koi bair to nahi
dushman jiye mera
wo bhi gair to nahi
jo dil gaya gaya

my heart thinks only with heart now,
my heart often tears the head (now),
now (everything) is not well, (but) there is no rivalry,
may my rival live,
he's not some alien* either,
when the heart went, (it just) went..

(gair is used for someone out of the family n friends, stranger, or someone you are supposed to keep distance from)

o mama, kanche maare
billi jaisi aankhon wali
ek myaun si ladki
o mama
oonghe kabhi soonghe kabhi
jhanke kabhi aaun kabhi
kabhi jaaun si ladki
o mama...

O mama, hits me with marbles,
one with cat eyes,
a girl like meow,
o mama,
sometimes dozes, sometimes smells,
sometimes peeks, sometimes coming,
sometimes a girl like going..
o mama...

aise dabe paon aaye wo ki chaap na ho
o mama, o mama
khwab mein mil jaaye lekin wo khwab na ho
o mama, o mama
ummeed to nahi phir bhi ummeed ho
koi to is tarah aashiq shaheeed ho
koi gaya gaya
o mama...

(she) comes in such a silent manner that there is no sound,
o mama, o mama,
she meets me in the dream but that's not a dream,
o mama, o mama,
there is no hope, but still there be hope,
at least some lover be martyred like that,
someone went, ah went...
o mama...


Anonymous said...

a good song..

Anonymous said...

beautiful rock songggggggggg

DJ said...

the song is beautiful... simple to understand the words individually... there's surely a more complex meaning to the totality of the song... sentences mean deeper than the words themselves... can't clearly understand that underlying meaning... can someone help?

Harshit Gupta said...


It's basically about a person who has almost finished himself for someone else, but still the person in question takes him casually, and thus there is a strange kind of frustration which is definitely mixed in love.

Saahil said...

Koi to is tarah Aashiq Shaheed ho(Love this line)Gulzar saab definitely exemplifies that pen is mightier than the sword...

chetan said...

o mama nice feel song k.k sir u rock o mama kanche mmare dil se abe me sochta hun hai dil mera wow

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