Khushiyon ki koshish mein: Lyrics, Translation (Phir Milenge)

Album: Phir Milenge
Music: Shankar-Ehsaan-Loy
Lyrics: Prasoon Joshi
Singer: Mahalaxmi Iyer, Srinivas

khushiyon ki koshish mein har din dard jhamela hai
baaton ko tim tim karne do ghupp andhera hai

In trying to achieve happiness, every day is pain and problems,
let the talks twinkle, it's pitch dark here..

Yahaan se aage seedhe jao
bayeen taraf jo rasta hai
waheen nahakar dhoop hai baithee
wahaan pe mausam hansta hai
baitha hai ek khwab waheen pe bada akela hai

Go straight ahead from here,
on the left there is a way,
there only sunshine is sitting after a bath,
there only the weather laughs,
a dream is sitting there all alone..
paani wali in aankhon ko
geet bhi gaana hota hai
honth agar ziddi hon to
muskaan ko aana hota hai
khel purana hai ye hamne kitna khela hai

These watery eyes
have to sing song too,
if the lips are stubborn,
the smile has to come,
it's an old game that we have played a lot..

aao chal kar use chhuda Lein
saans jo girvee rakkhi thee
Yaad karein woh kachchee imlee
bachpan main jo chakkhi thee
gham kee judwan behan khushee hai, jeevan mela hai

Let's free that breath,
that we had mortgaged,
remember that raw tamarind,
we tasted in childhood..
the twin sister of sorrow is joy, and this life is a fair..

chalo pahaade dohraate hai
Yeh pahaad sa jeevan hai
rat lenge hum tujhe Zindagi
ungli par har palchhin hai
apne aage chattani sa jeevan dhela hai

come, let's revise the tables,
this life is like a mountain..
O life, we'll mug you up,
every moment is on our tips,
for us, a huge rocky life is like a small stone..

neend ke gaalon par chutki to
meethi gaali deti hai
dukh ke pal mein baat pyar ki
man ko laali deti hai
dekho peeche aangan mein, ek naya savera hai

pinch the sleep on its cheeks
and it says sweet swear words,
in a moment of sadness, the words of love
give happiness to heart,
see in the backyard there is a new morning....

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