Kho na jaayen ye Taare Zameen par: Lyrics, Translation

Movie: Taare Zameen Par
Music: Shankar-Ehsaan-Loy
Lyrics: Prasoon Joshi
Singer: Shankar Mahadevan

dekho inhein yeh hain os ki boondein
patton ki god mein aasmaan se koodein
angdaayi lein phir karwat badal kar
nazuk se moti hans de phisal kar
kho na jaayen ye taare zameen par

look at them, they are like the drops of dew
that jumped on to leaves from the sky
they take change in their own ways
these gentle pearls slip and laugh
these stars shouldn't get lost on this earth..

yeh to hain sardi mein dhoop ki kirne
utarein jo aangan ko sunhera sa karne
mann ke aandheron ko roshan sa kar dein
thiturti hatheli ki rangat badal dein
kho na jaayen ye taare zameen par..

these are like the sunrays during winter
which descend to bring the golden light to your houses
they brighten up your gloomy hearts
they change the color of the shaking palms..
these stars shouldn't get lost on this earth..

jaise aankhon ki dibiya mein nindiya
aur nindiya mein meetha sa sapna
aur sapne mein mil jaaye farishta sa koi
jaise rangon bhari pichkari
jaise titliyan phoolon ki kyari
jaise bina matlab ka pyara rishta ho koi

like the sleep in the little box of eyes
and a sweet dream in your sleep
and you meet an angel in the dream..
like a pump filled with colors
like butterflies and a bed of flowers
like a lovely relationship without any demands..

yeh to aasha ki lehar hain
yeh to ummeed ki sehar hain
khushiyon ki nehar hain
kho na jaayen ye taare zameen par

these are a wave of hope
they are a dawn filled with optimism
they are a canal of happiness
these stars shouldn't get lost on this earth..

dekho raaton ke seene pe yeh toh
jhilmil kisi lau se uge hain
yeh to ambiya ki khushboo hain baagon se beh chale
jaise kaanch ke choodi ke tukde
jaise khile khile phoolon ke mukhde
jaise bansi koi bajaye pedon ke tale

look at how they have sprouted
like a flame on the night's chest
they are the fragrance of raw mango
which flows from the gardens
like the broken pieces of a glass bangle
like faces of fully blossomed flowers
like someone playing the flute below the trees

yeh to jhonke hain pawan ke
hain yeh ghungharoo jeewan ke
yeh to sur hain chaman ke
kho na jaayen ye taare zameen par

they are the gentle gusts of wind
they are the anklet bells of life
they are the tune of the garden
these stars shouldn't get lost on this earth..

mohalle ki raunak galiyan hain jaise
khilne ki zid par kaliyan hain jaise
mutthi mein mausam ki jaise hawayein
yeh hain buzurgon ke dil ki duayein

like the shining streets of the colony
like the the buds pestering to blossom
like the breeze in the fists of the weather
they are the blessings from the hearts of elders..

kabhi baatein jaise dadi nani
kabhi chalkein jaise mum mum paani
kabhi ban jaaye bhole sawaalon ki jhadi

sometimes they talk like our grandmothers
sometimes they spill like the lukewarm water
sometimes they become showers of innocent questions

sannate mein hansee ke jaise
soone hothon pe khushi ke jaise
yeh to noor hain barse gar teri kismat ho badi

like a laughter between silence
like joy on sad lips
they're divine light, they shower if your luck is good..

jaise jheel mein lehraye chanda
jaise bheed mein apne ka kandha
jaise manmauji nadiya jhaag udaye kuch kahe
jaise baithe meethi si jhapki
jaise pyar ki dheemi si thapki
jaise kaanon mein sargam hardam bajti hi rahe
kho na jaaye ye taare zameen par

like the moon drifts in a lake
like the shoulder of a loved one in a crowd
like the exuberant river spumes froth and says something
like a sweet nap while sitting
like an little slap full of love
like a melody always playing in ears..
these stars shouldn't get lost on this earth..


Anonymous said... sweeeeeeet and actually a natural song coz,............each and everythinh in this song is all correct 100% true and touching i love this song its an awesome composition..........

Anonymous said...

i luv this song its the best composition made yet i.........luv it and thnxxx to the singer and aamir sir coz...this was all possible just becoz of them alongwid its actually a natural composition made till date becoz each and everything written in this song is all true,touching,and all 100% correct

Unknown said...

actually at first i admire the musicality of this nw i know the masssive meaning behind it...really heart breakingggg,,it againmade to belive in selfless love n feel the reality

Unknown said...


Unknown said...

Just love this song....Its full of love,care,and ofcourse blessed feeling for childrens

Thushara Johny said...

Made me teary... Just luvd it

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