Yaadein Teri Yaadein (Phhir) Lyrics, Translation (Sharib Sabri)

Zakhm gehre hain dil mein
Dard thehre hain dil mein
Tu hi mujh me rawaan hai
Meri hasti fanaa hai
Main yahaan tu kahaan hai meri Jaan..
Ab kahin bhi naa jaaun
Rubaru tujhko paaun
Dil se kaise mitaau ye bataa
Yaadein Yaadein Teri Yaadein

The wounds in the heart are deep,
there are pains stuck in the heart,
only you are there in me,
my own identity is finished,
I'm here, where are you o my life..
Now I do not go anywhere,
find you in front of me (all the time)
tell me how I remove from my heart
memories, your memories..

uljhi hain saansein tere ishq mein
bojhal hain aankhein tere ishq mein
aankhon mein jo nami hai
mujh mein teri kami hai
tham gayi ab zameen hai saathiya
hai adhoori kahani
khaak hai zindagani
aakhri hai nishaani bakhuda
Yaadein Yaadein Teri Yaadein

my breath is stuck in your love,
my eyes are heavy in your love,
the moisture in my eyes
is your lack in my life,
now the earth has stopped moving (for me) o mate,
the story is incomplete,
(my) life is dust,
by god, the last souvenir is
memories, your memories..

Aahon ka mausam sard hai
Dil mein sulagta tera dard hai
Door tak bas dhuaan hai
tu na tera nishaan hai
Ab toh aaja, kahaan hai mahiya
Saath mere safar mein
Tu hi tu Hai nazar mein
Meri yaadon ke ghar mein hain sada..
Yaadein Yaadein Teri Yaadein..

The weather of my sighs is cold
your pain smolders in my heart,
there is only smoke till far away,
neither you nor a sign of yours is there,
now come, where are you o beloved,
with me on the journey,
only you're there in my sight,
in the house of my memories..
memories, your memories...

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Himesha said...

Nice songs nice blog..thanks bro..

dinesh gowda said...

suberb song !!!! nice lyrics....,,,

dinesh gowda said...

superb!!!! nice lyrics,,,,
i love it,,,,!!!!

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