O Ri Duniya (Gulaal): Lyrics, Translation, Meanings

Movie: Gulaal
Music, Lyrics, Singer: Piyush Mishra

O Ri Duniya is a masterpiece by Piyush Mishra that he dedicates to the inspiration for the song, Sahir Ludhiyanvi's Ye Duniya Agar Mil Bhi Jaaye to Kya Hai from Pyaasa.

The song, no less than the original in my view, was a real tough one to translate, and while I have kept the translations mostly literal, I've also tried to give small explanations where I felt they were required. However, due to the complex nature of song, there might still be better translations for some lines despite my best efforts. Any such suggestions to make this work better will be welcomed.

O ri duniya
o ri duniyaa
aye o ri duniya
aye Surmayee aankhon ke Pyaalo ki duniya o duniya
Surmayee aankhon ke Pyaalo ki duniya o duniya
Satrangi rangon Gulaalon ki duniya o duniya
Satrangee rango Gulalon ki duniya o duniya

O world,
O dear world,
O world of cups of kohl-lined eyes (from which one can drink),
O world of rainbow-colored colors and Gulaals..

alsaayi Sejon ke Phoolon ki duniya o duniya re
angdaayi tode kabootar ki duniya o duniya re
aye karwat Le Soyi haqeeqat ki duniya o duniya
deewani hoti tabiyat ki duniya o duniya
khwahish mein Lipti Zaroorat ki duniya o duniya re
hey Insaan ke Sapno ki Neeyat ki duniya o duniya
o ri duniya o ri duniya..
o ri duniya o ri duniya..
Ye duniya agar mil bhi jaaye to kya hai
Ye duniya agar mil bhi jaaye to kya hai
Yeh duniya agar mil bhi jaye to kya hai

it's a world of flowers decorating sleepy beds (for the wedding night),
it's a world of lazy-stretching pigeon..
it's a world of truth sleeping (calmly) by its side,
and a world of a temperament going mad..
it's a world of needs wrapped with wishes,
it's a world of humans' dreams and their intentions..
World, o world,
what's there (to celebrate) even if one gets this world..
what's there even if one gets this world..
what's there.. (there is nothing in this world that is worth)..

mamta ki bikhri kahaani ki duniya o duniya
behno ki Siski jawaani ki duniya o duniya
aadam ke hawwa se rishte ki duniya o duniya re
hey Shayar ke Pheeke Lafzon ki duniya o duniya

The world of stories of (mothers') shredded love,
The world of sisters' sobbing youth,
A world of the relation of Adam and Eve,
World of uninspiring words of poets..

Ghalib ke momin ke khwabon ki duniya
majazo ke Un Inqalabon ki duniya
Faiz-e-firaq-o-Sahir-o-Makhdoom-Mir ki Zauq ki Daaghon ki duniya

The world of Ghalib and Momin's dreams,
the world of those revolutions of poets like Majaz (Lakhnawi),
World of Faiz (Ahmed Faiz), Firaaq (Gorakhpuri), Sahir (Ludhiyanvi), Makhdoom (Mohiuddin), Mir (Taqi Mir), (Mohd Ibrahim) Zauq, and Daagh (Dehlvi)..
[All these were poets known for their revolutionary moods, in different times]

Yeh duniya agar mil bhi jaaye to kya hai
Yeh duniya agar mil bhi jaaye to kya hai
Yeh duniya agar mil bhi jaaye to kya hai

Pal chhin mein baatein chali jaati hain
Pal chhin mein raatein chali jaati hain
reh jaata hai jo savera Wo dhoondhe
jalte makaan mein basera Wo dhoondhe
jaisi bachi hai Waisi ki Waisi, bacha Lo Ye duniya
apna Samajh ke apno ki jaisi Utha Lo Ye duniya
chhitput Si baaton mein jalne Lagegi, Sambhalo Yeh duniya
kat-pit ke raaton mein Palne Lagegi, Sambhalo Yeh duniya

Within moments, things move on,
within moments, nights go (as in, everything goes in a matter of moments)
the one who remains, looks for the morning,
looks for a place to live in the burning house..
Save this world, whatever is remaining in here, as it is,
Think of it as your own, and pick it up (in your arms, to protect it),
(else) it'll start burning in small-unimportant things, save this world,
it'll be cut-bruised-beaten and will be living in nights (dark times), save this world..

o ri duniya
o ri duniya
Wo kahen hain ki duniya ye itni nahi hai
Sitaaro Se aage jahan aur bhi hai
Yeh hum hi Nahi hai
Wahan aur bhi hai
hamari har ek baat hoti Wahin hai
hume aitraaz Nahi hai kahin bhi
Wo aalim hain, faazil hai, honge Sahi bhi

O world, dear world,
They say that the world is not this much (only),
there are more world beyond the stars,
It's not just us,
there is Someone Else too (talking of God here)
everything about us is decided there only,
(and) we don't have an objection to that anywhere,
They're knowledgeable, virtuous, would be correct too,

magar falsafa Yeh bigad jaata hai jo Wo kehte hain
aalim Yeh kehta Wahan Ishwar hai
faazil Yeh kehta Wahan Allah hai
kaamil Yeh kehta Wahan Isa hai
manzil Yeh kehti tab Insaan Se ki
tumhari hai tum hi Sambhalo Yeh duniya
Yeh bujhte hue chand baasi charago
tumhare Yeh kaale Iraado ki duniya

but this philisophy goes bad, when they say-
The Intelligent says there is Eeshwar (Hindu God)
The Virtuous says there is Allah,
The Perfect one says there is Jesus,
Then the destination says to the man,
that- this world is yours, you only take care of it!
This world of a few old, dying lamps,
world of your dark intentions...

o ri duniya
o ri duniya
o ri duniya

Gulaal Meaning
Gulaal is a dry, colored powder that is applied/thrown over people on the Festival of Holi. It comes in various colors, though pink is the signature color and red, green and yellow are the most common ones.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for doing this. Was looking for it since a long time

tarunfury said...

Bravo....thanks for the lyrics meaning...and details....everything is very well presented ...\m/....thumbs up for you ....ur efforts are dearly appreciated.

Shawn said...

Thanks for translating the lyrics and explaining the meaning. This is the only place I could find the translation. Dearly appreciating your effort!

Sambuddha Bishee said...

Cannot thank you enough for this wonderful translation. I am a huge fan of Piyush Mishra, and it all started with this song. This one drove me to revisit the original "Yeh Duniya Agar..." song, and to watch Pyaasa. I wholeheartedly agree that this song is no less than the original masterpiece it pays homage to, I'd say it completes the original song. While the first one is a lament ending in discarding of the world by the poet, this version is transcendental when it pleads to embrace the imperfect, and yet so familiar world, with all its imperfections.
Hindi/Farsi is not my mother tongue, so I was always eluded by the "Aalim/Faazil/Kaamil" trio representing the 3 religions, even though I vaguely guessed that these were attributes. Its a huge reliefe to know the actual meaning, thanks to your wonderfully sincere effort.

Anonymous said...

thanks for the translation. i agree with you.. this is a masterpiece.

Nirvanaball said...

Superb would be an understatement...

Thanks for sharing this GEM

Anonymous said...

Gulaal is the best bollywood movie ever made.... truly a masterpiece :)

Anonymous said...

wonderful song, amazing lyrics. Your efforts are highly appreciable. Your translation has made me love the song even more.

Hitendra Patil said...

Thanks for nice and perfect translation. It really helped me understand whole song; thanks once again.

Hitendra Patil

Anuj said...

Thanks a lot. Your contribution will not go waste.

Anonymous said...

Nyc song..

Anonymous said...

Thanks dude! That was a great translation!

Unknown said...

I agree to most of it but dont you think the song is talking about extra-terrestial life when it says sitaro kau aagay jahan aur bhi hai hum hi nahi waha aur bhi hai and questioning the age old question where every religion in this world thinks of humans as special and center of evrrything and that might just not be the case

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