Dil Miyan Mitthu The/ Tote Ud Gaye Lyrics Translation

Movie: Ek Thi Daayan
Music: Vishal Bhardwaj
Lyrics: Gulzar
Singer: Suresh Wadkar, Rekha, Sukhwinder Singh

This fun song is again an interesting one from Gulzar. Here, the heart is personified and called miyaan, almost an equivalent to 'sir', and is being talked about in a respected manner, though they make fun of him. The song also uses the idiom hathon ke tote udna in its title and details on that are given in THIS POST.

Dil miyaan mitthoo the
O marzi ke pitthoo the
O meri kahaan sunte the
Are apni hi dhunte the
O dil miyaan mitthu the..

My heart was in its own good mood
It used to do what it wished to..
It never listened to me,
Used to do its own thing..
My heart was one of its own wish..

miyaan ji bach bach ke chalna
duniya hai harjaaee
hari-hari jo laage
ghaas nahi hai kaaii..
are kaai pe fisle jo surr kar ke
phur kar ke,
tote ud gaye phur phurr kar ke,
tote ud gaye
ishq mein jo phisle miyaan,
totey ud gaye phur phurr kar ke..

O Sir (addresses the heart), walk carefully,
the world is unfaithful..
That which looks all green,
is not grass, but moss..
When you slip on the moss suddenly,
All your birds fly from your hands,
with the sounds of phur phurr..
When the heart slipped in love,
everything went out of hand..

[Tote ud gaye is an idiomatic phrase which means situation getting out of hand. Detailed Explanation HERE.]

Dil miyaan mitthoo the
O marzi ke pitthoo the
akde to takde se,
pakde to makde se..
dil miyaan mitthoo the..
mitthoo miyaan.

The heart was in its own mood..
Listened to no one but himself..
It showed an airs like a strong person,
but got caught like a spider..
The heart was in its own mood..
moody heart..

miyaa ji mud mud ke naa dekho..
naa dekho mud mud ke mud mud ke..
mud ke naa dekho miyaan ji,
makhra* mein koi nahi hai..
dil se ladaayi thi ankhiyaan,
saalon se soyi nahi hain..
sapne se phisle jo surr kar ke
phur kar ke,
totey udd gaye phur phurr kar ke..

O sir, don't look back again n again,
don't watch turning back..
don't turn back, sir,
there is no one in here..
The eyes had fought with the heart,
and they haven't slept for years..
[ankhiyaan ladana again is idiomatic, meaning to fall in love.]
When you slip from the dreams suddenly,
everything went out of hand in a moment..

patli gali mein phisle miyaan..
haathon ke totte ud gaye..

sir fell down in a narrow street,
and the birds of hands flew off..

phurr kar ke,
tote ud gaye phurr phurr kar ke..
phur phurr phur phurr..

mera nag mundri wich paa de
te paave meri jind kat le..
aadhi raat main gayi tabele,
maahi mil jaave puk jaan jamele..
meri sej te ambar bicha de,
te paave meri jind kad le...

get my stone fitted into my ring
(so that she can get engaged to her beloved)
Once I get him, my life will pass easily..
I went to the stable at midnight, risking all troubles,
hoping to find my beloved there,..
spread the sky over my bed..
Once I get him, my life will pass..

phurr kar ke,
tote ud gaye phur phur kar ke..

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