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Well, years ago when I heard the line Yaar mere Yaara mere Yaaram, I had an instant dislike for the lyrics of the catchy Baadal song. Reason: I thought it was a cheap, mindless play on the Urdu origin word which tried to add a Sanskrit style -am suffix to it.

My apologies to Sameer (Never knew it'd come to this).

Well, Yaaram seems to be a word in Afghani, and may well have come there from Persian. In fact this could be the root of the common Hindi-Urdu word Yaar (common informal word for friend).

So ending the suspense (if there was any), Yaaram means a beloved, a lover, and my guess would be, even a friend. As for reference, there is a popular song called Bewafa Yaaram (unfaithful lover) in Afghani, by Ahmad Zahir.

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Anonymous said...

By Afghani do you mean Pashto?

Harshit Gupta said...


I'd guess Pashto, as there are a number of Afghan songs with the word in their titles.

Anonymous said...

I think you mean Dari. Dari is the Afghan dialect of Persian. :)

EinRud said...

Hi, it's very straight forward, really: Yaaram means "my friend/beloved etc."
The "-am" ending in Persian/Dari is the contraction of "e-man", meaning "of mine"(this is called an enclitic pronoun :) ). "man" in Persian/Dari means "I".

So, literally: yaaram = yaar-e-man = friend/beloved of mine = my friend/beloved

This is exactly the same construction as:
jaanam = jaan-e-man = life of mine = my life

Hope this throws some light!!!

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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