Hamara Bechara Pyar mein Haara Dil/ Yaaram Lyrics Translation

Movie: Ek Thi Daayan
Music: Vishal Bhardwaj
Lyrics: Gulzar
Singers: Sunidhi Chauhan, Clinton Cerejo

Hum cheez hain badey kaam kee, Yaaram
Humein kaam pey rakh lo kabhi, Yaaram
Hum cheez hain bade kaam kee, Yaaram

I am a very useful thing, O dear..
Put me to some work some time, O dear..
I am a very useful thing, O dear..

Sooraj se pehle jagaayenge
Aur akhbaar ki sab surkhiyaan hum gungunaayenge
Pesh karenge garm chai phir
Koi khabar aayi na pasand to, end badal denge..

I'll wake you up before the sun (rises),
and hum all the headlines of newspaper..
Then I'll present you with a hot cup of tea,
And if I don't like a news, will change the end of it..

Munh khuli jamhaai pe
Hum bajaayein chutkiyaan
Dhoop naa tum ko lage
Khol denge chhatriyaan
Peechhe peechhe din bhar
Ghar daftar mein le ke chalenge hum

When you open your mouth to yawn,
I'll tap my fingers in front of it..
So that you don't feel the heat of sun,
I'll open umbrella for you..
I'll keep walking behind you with one
at home and in office..

Tumhaari file-ein, tumhaari diary
Gaadi ki chaabiyaan, tumhaari eyenakein
Tumhaara laptop, tumhaari cap
Aur apna dil, kanwaara dil
Pyaar mein haara bechaaraa dil..

Your files, your diary,
keys of the car, your spectacles,
your laptop, your cap,
and my heart, this bachelor heart,
this poor, lost-in-love heart..

Yeh kehne mein kuchh risk hai, Yaaram..
Naaraaz naa ho, ishq hai.. Yaaram..

There is some risk in saying this, O dear,
Don't be angry, it's love, O dear..

Ho raat saverey shaam ya dopahari
Band aankhon mein le ke tumhein oongha karenge hum
Takiye chaadar mehke rehte hain
Jo tum gaye
Tumhari khushboo soongha karenge hum
Zulf mein phansi hui
khol denge baaliyaan
Kaan khinch jaaye agar
Kha lein meethi gaaliyaan
Chuntey chaley pairon ke nishaan
Ki un par aur naa paanv pade

Be it night, morning, evening or afternoon,
I'll keep you in my eyes, close them and take naps,
The pillows and sheets smell (of you),
now that you have gone,
I'll smell you (in them all)..
I'll open the earrings stuck in the hair,
and if your ear gets hurt,
I'll listen to the sweet curses..
I'll keep walking, picking up your footmarks,
So that no one puts foot on them again..

Tumhaari dhadkanein, tumhaara dil sunein
Tumhaari saans sunein, lagi kanpkapi
Haan gajre bune, juhi mogra to kabhi dil
Hamaaraa dil, pyaar mein haara bechaaraa dil
Hamara dil, humara dil..

I'd listen to your heartbeats, your heart,
your breaths.. I got a shivering..
I weaved flowers (for you to wear in hair),
of Juhi and Mogra (Jasmines), and sometimes, of heart,
my heart, poor, lost-in-love heart..
my heart..

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Anonymous said...

buddy or mate for yaaram would sound more appropriate :)

Anonymous said...

Koi khabar aayi na pasand to, end badal denge..
And if I don't like a news, will change the end of it..

shud be "if u dont like a news," dont u think?

Harshit Gupta said...

Regarding 'Koi khabar aayi na pasand to, end badal denge':

Well it depends on how you take it. My opinion was that she'll have to guess whether he'll like the news or not. So even though it'll be for him, it's she who decides if she has to change the end of the news. I mean there is no point changing the end of a news if he has heard it already. So it's like, her intelligence, for his happiness.

Unknown said...

Harshit, In my opinion and going by tone of pacification for the guy in the song, it should be "If u don't like the news"
Reason being,she already has woken him up.
Also, she is humming(not reviewing) headlines for him and intends to go up to the extent of changing the end if he tends to disagree with the news.

Anonymous said...

Pyaar mein haara bechaaraa dil.

It should be "poor heart defeated in love "

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