Badtameez Dil Maane na Lyrics Translation (Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani)

Movie: Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani
Music: Pritam Chakraborty
Lyrics: Amitabh Bhattacharya
Singer: Benny Dayal
Music Label: T-Series

Paan mein pudeena dekhaa, naak ka nageena dekhaa
Chikni chameli dekhi, chiknaa kaminaa dekhaa
Chaand ne cheater ho ke cheat kiya
to saare taare bole, gili gili akkhaan..

I have seen Mint in betel leaf, seen stone of nosering,
I've seen sexy girls and handsome boys..
When the moon became a cheater and cheated,
all the stars said Gili Gili Akkhan..

[Gili Gili Akkhan is a popular Hindi song title, which means wet/watery eyes]

Meri baat teri baat
Zyaada baatein buri baat
Thaali mein katoraa leke
Aaloo-bhaat, poori-bhaat
Mere peechhe kisi ne repeat kiyaa toh saala
Maine tere munh pe maara mukkaa

My talks, your talks
Talking more is bad thing
Keeping a pot in the plate
potato-rice and bread-rice
If someone repeats after me
I will punch you in the face..

Is pe bhoot koi chadhaa hai, theherna jaane naa
ab to kya buraa kyaa bhalaa hai, Fark pehchaane naa
Zid pakad ke khadaa hai kambakht, chhodna jaane naa

He's got a madness over him, doesn't know to stop..
Now what's good and what's bad, he doesn't get the difference..
It is insisting, not willing to leave..

Badtameez Dil, badtameez dil, badtameez dil,
maane naa..

This insolent, ill mannered heart,
doesn't listen (to me/anyone)..

Yeh jahaan hai sawaal hai kamal hai
Jaane naa jaane naa..

This world is a question and is very amazing
Nobody knows, nobody knows

Badtameez Dil, badtameez dil, badtameez dil,
maane naa..

Hawaa mein Havana dekhhaa
Dheemkaa falaana dekha
Seeng ka singhaada khaake
Sher ka gurraana dekha
Pooree duniya kaa gol-gol chakkar le ke
Maine duniyaa ko maaraa dhakkaa..

It saw Havana in the air
It saw this n that
I've seen lion roaring
even after eating a samosa
Taking rounds of the whole earth
I pushed the world

Bollywood Hollywood, very very jolly good..
Rai ke pahaad par teen footaa lilliput
Mere peeche kisi ne repeat kiyaa toh saala
Maine tere munh pe maara mukkaa

Bollywood Hollywood, very very jolly good
lilliput of hight three foot on the molehill
If someone repeats after me
I will punch him..

Ayaashi ke one way se khudko
Modnaa jaane naa
Kambal bewajah yeh sharam kaa
Odhana jaane naa
Zidd pakad ke khadaa hai kambakht
Chhodna jaane naa

It doesn't know how to turn away
from the one way of ostentatious life
It don't know how to muffle
the blanket of shame
It is insisting
Not willing to leave..

Badtameez dil, badtameez dil
Badtameez dil..


Anonymous said...

It's Aiyyashi ke 'one-way' se khudko..

Anonymous said...

its not "jahaan hain"...its "jo haal hain"

A B S !!!!!!!!! said...

Ayyashi ki One way I think...

Mitesh Sawant said...

Thaali mein katoraa leke
Aaloo-bhat, "MOORI"-bhat

Yeh "JO HAAL" hai sawaal hai kamal hai
Jaane naa jaane naa..

Ayaashi ke "ONE WAY" se khudko
Modnaa jaane naa


Mehul Thakkar said...

Ayaashi ke man me se khudko
Modnaa jaane naa.....isnt it

Ayaashi ke ONE WAY se khudko
Modnaa jaane naa

Anonymous said...

Its ayaashi k "one way" se khudko

Miku said...

Awesome translation. Thanks :)

Sameer said...

Ayaashi ke 'one way' se khudko....

bikky said...


Anonymous said...

Chikni chameli dekhi, chiknaa kaminaa dekhaa

sexy girls and handsome boys

seems incomplete :)

Unknown said...

"Seeng ka singhaada khaake
Sher ka gurraana dekha..."

Does not mean

"Eating the water crestnut of the horn
It saw the lion's roar"

It means
"I saw the lion roar after eating 'seeng' (peanut - in bengali/ marathi, etc) ka 'singhaada' (samosa -in bengali and eastern India)" or to put it simply, " Lion roars even after eating lowly samosa than usual gosht" !!

Remember lyricist is a Bengali speaker.

Anonymous said...

Now i anderstand the lyrics thanks...i thought was a dirthy song?:)

Anonymous said...

Thanks for explaining that..these guys do good job at translation but the psychedelic indian culture imparts so many meanings to same word that it becomes difficult to extract what is being said...

Anonymous said...

Hi, I believe there are a couple of verses missing. There's the female part. Could you also please include that? Thank you. :)

Anonymous said...

What does burapa mean?

Anonymous said...

I know undersyand it

seema said...

it is very nice translation but there are some mistakes.

Anonymous said...

this is the most disgusting, vomit - inducing lyrics and song and movie and the actors and the directors in the history of the world.

Attiksh Ansool Panda said...

I think you all have made it yourself.

Sowmya Upadrasta said...

superbbbbbb...... i love u ranbir and deepika...... u really make a glamorous and romantic and gud couple............. awe some song...

Anonymous said...

can you tell me the meaning of moori bhat?

Anonymous said...

Wonderful work but hope the song is incomplete the last stanza is missing in the lyrics plz........ do add that too.
Thanks anyway!!!!!!!

ecoconsciousconsumer said...

Burapa is Burhapa, it means old age. When he says, "Badtameezi ek bimaari hai. Aisi bimaari jo dhire dhire waqt ke saath burhape mein badal jaate hain. Main kehta houn, jab tak burhapa nahi aata, thodi badtameezi kar lete..." generally that means Being a badtameezi is a disease, such a disease that slowly with time in old age changes. I say, until the time old age comes, you can be a little badtameezi. Badtameezi can't very literally translated in a graceful 1:1 way, but generally I think of it as improper, rebellious, these kinds of things.

Unknown said...

Nice Lyrics but some mistakes in this Hindi Songs Lyrics Translation

Anonymous said...

Yes...the lady part was missing

Anonymous said...

That was really good😀😀😀😀

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