Hey Shubharambh/ Shehnai Lyrics Meaning/ Translation (Kai Po Che)

Finally we get you the meaning of the entire song Shubharambh from Kai Po Che. Thanks to all my friends who helped me with this, and also to Dunkdaft Darshit whose blog has been helpful in confirming some meanings.

Rangeen Parodh aavi, khushiyon sange laavi
harkhaaye haiyu haye haye

A colorful dawn has come, what joys it has brought,
the heart is filled with joy..

Aashani kirano vikharaaye, umangevi chhalkaaye,
Mann hal ve thi gungunaaye.. haye haye haye..

Rays of hope are scattered, waves of excitement are brimming,
Heart is humming slowly too..

Hey shubharambh ho shubhaarambh, mangal bela aayi,
sapnon ki dehri pe dil ki baaji re shehnai, shehnaai, shehnayi

Hey it's a good, new beginning, a blessed moment is here,
At the doorstep of dreams, shehnai of heart is played.

khwaabon ke beej, kachchi zameen pe hum ko bona hai,
aashaa ke moti saanson ki maalaa humein pirona hai,
apna bojha mil ke saathi hum ko dhona hai,
shehnaai, shehnaai, shehnaayi..

We have to sow the seeds of (our) dreams in this raw land,
(and) we (only) have to make a string of pearls of hope,
We have to carry our load together..

Raas racheelyo, saaj sajeelyo, shubh ghadi chhe aavi
Aachha aachha tamtamaata shaamna o chhe lavi, ho laavi..

Let's dance, get adorned, it's a holy moment,
It has brought those light twinkling star-like dreams of future..

Haan mazaa hai zindagi, nasha hai zindagi, dheere dheere chadhegi,
duaa de zindagi, bataa de zindagi, baat apni banegi..

Yes, Life is fun, it's an intoxication, slowly it will affect you,
bless me O Life! Tell me that it'll be all as I wish..

Hey vhalaa..

O my dear..


Anonymous said...

Inspiring song.i like it specially because of the touch of gujrati folk lore.so soothing.

Anonymous said...

Really inspiring and pleasant to hear.

Anonymous said...

Very great song, these type of songs enrich our Indian culture, thanks to sruti and smut and all others who have composed and sung this song
Vikas Kunwar

Azlan said...

i dont know gujrati but when i listened to this song it felt really good even though i didnt know what it meant but hearing to it is so soothing and now i know its meaning, thank you

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