Kaali Kali Aankhon ka Kaala Kala Jaadu hai Lyrics Translation

Movie: Ek Thi Daayan
Music: Vishal Bhardwaj
Lyrics: Gulzar
Singer: Clinton Cerejo

This song is one of the best romantic tracks written by Gulzar in past some time. The song talks about the eyes of a lady for almost its entire length, and Gulzar draws a number of beautiful comparisons here. Do listen to the song and try to get involved with the lyrics.

Clinton Cerejo, who has been a music producer for Vishal's movies, sings his first solo for Vishal here.

Kaali kaali aankhon kaa
kaalaa kaalaa jaaduu hai,
aadhaa aadhaa tujh bin main
aadhi aadhi si tu hai

It's the black magic
of (your) black eyes,
I am incomplete without you,
and you're incomplete (without me) too

Kaalee kaalee aankhon kaa
kaala kaala jaaduu hai,
Aaj bhi junooni si,
jo ek aarzoo hai,
yoon hi tarasne de,
ye aankhein barasne de..
teri aankhein do aankhein
kabhi shabnam kabhi khushbuu hai

It's the black magic
of (your) black eyes,
Even today, that one passionate wish
that is there,
(let it be there),
let (me n you) crave..
let these eyes flow (i.e. let the tears flow)
your eyes, these two eyes,
are sometimes dew drops and sometimes fragrance..

Gehre samandar, aur do jazeere,
doobe hue hain, kitne zakheere,
dhoondhne do..

Deep seas, and two islands,
How many treasures are immersed (hidden) in them,
let me search..

[Here, the poet is comparing his love interest's eyes to two islands in seas, where he wants to look for hidden treasures]

ashqon ke moti seepi se kholo
palkon se jaa ke to jhaankne do
jhaankne do

Open the pearls of tears from their shells,
and let me take a peek inside through the eyelids,
let me see inside..

[the poet here seems to ask for his love interest to let go her tears and allow him to open her up to him in a way]

qatraa qatra girne do..
qatraa qatra chunne do,
qatara qatara rakhna hai na
qatara qatara rakhne do
teri aankhon ka saaya ya,
andhere mein koi jugnu hai

Let it fall strand by strand,
Let me pick strand by strand,
I have to keep every strand,
Let me keep every strand..
Is that the shadow of your eyes,
or a firefly in the darkness..

jaane kahaan pe utarenge dono
udte hue ye shab ke parindey,
do parindey..

pankhon pe barkhaa le ke ude hain,
do boond de do, pyaase pade hain,
haan do boonden..

Don't know where these two would land,
these flying birds of night,
two birds..

They are flying, taking rains on their wings,
Give them two drops, they are thirsty..
Just two drops..

[In the above two paragraphs, that is from Jaane kahaan pe.., the poet is again talking about his love interest's eyes, still calling them birds of night, that is firefly, from the last para. He goes on to say that the eyes have rains, of tears, with them, but they still look thirsty to him.]

lamhaa lamhaa lamhe do
lamhaa lamhaa jeene do..
keh bhi do na aankhon se,
lamha lamhaa peene do..
teri aankhein halka sa
chhalka sa ek aansoo hain..

Give me moments, moment by moment..
Let me live by the moment..
Please say, with your eyes,
Let me drink every moment..
your eyes are a light,
brimming tear drop..

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Anonymous said...

Best best best song... really very romantic song... cant stop listening this song..... love u vishal bhardwaj n clinton n gulzar...

Anonymous said...

hey i guess u got it a bit wrong smwhere..

Ashqon ke moti seepi se kholo..
Palkon se jhanke toh jhankne do..
Jhankne do..
Katra katra girne do......

So he is sayin is.. If d tears drop wana fall.. Let them fall..

nakul 9820286557 said...

tooo good listen to it many times though....keep it up guys
any one wanna talk to me on wassup chat with me 9820286557 im nakul

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