Rumaani sa, Rumani si: Lyrics Translation [Bewakoofiyaan]

Movie: Bewakoofiyaan
Music: Raghu Dixit
Lyrics: Anvita Dutt
Singers: Mohit Chauhan, Shreya Ghoshal

Kuch to thi akal dil mein
Ho ke bedakhal dil ne..
Shekhi maar ke hum se
Sab kuch haar ke phir se

There was some mind in the heart,
The heart, having thrown out,
having boasted (while talking) with me,
and having lost everything,

Khwabon ki khurchan se
Din yeh kureda hai
Gutthi ye kholi hai
Tum ne hum ne..

out of the remains of dreams,
(we've) scraped this day.
we have solved this problem
you, and me..

Rumaani sa, rumaani si
Tu aur main, main aur tu
Rumani sa, rumani si
Dil aur har justaju

a little romantic, a little romantic,
you and me, me and you..
a little romantic,
this heart and every wish (of the heart)..

Vaadon ke khule, baste
Mehenge daam pe, saste
Milte hain jahaan, hum ko
Wo hain ishq ke, raste..

Where open living areas of promises
cheap, even at high prices,
are found by us,
those are the lanes of love..

[as in, on the paths of love, you find lots of promises, vast lands of them.]

Wahaan dopaharon se hansti karari si
Dhoop utaarenge tu jo keh de..

There, we'll get smiling, crisp sunshine
if only you say..

Rumani sa, rumaani si...

Naa hoga ke kitaabon mein
Chhapegi teri meri kahaani
Haan kishton mein suna denge
Ye kissa teri meri zubaani

It won't happen that yours and mine story
would be printed in books,
but in instalments, we'll tell
this story in yours and my voices..

Tooti phooti, sachchi jhooti
Teri meri daastaan..
Auron se kya lena dena
Denge khud ko bataa..

Broken, true or false (whatever shape it is in)
yours and mine story..
What do we have to do with others,
we'll just tell ourselves..

Rumaani sa, rumaani si
Tu aur main, main aur tu
Rummani sa, rumaani si
Dil aur har justuju..

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