Khel Khel Mein Lyrics Translation | Wazir, Amitabh Bachchan

Movie: Wazir
Music: Advaita
Lyrics: Abhijeet Deshpande
Singer: Amitabh Bachchan
Music Label: T-Series

khel khel mein
khel khel ke
khel khel ye aa jaayega

while playing,
this game will be learnt..

[khel khel mein literally means ‘in the game only’ or ‘while playing only’ but it’s an idiom which means easily, without much trouble.]

[followed by recitation of tabla taals]

haar jeet se
haar jeet ke
jeet haarna sikhayega

losing and winning
to losses and wins,
will teach how to win and lose.

haal chaal ka
behaal haal hai
chaal chaal nahi ek sawaal hai
ek sawaal ke sau jawaab hain
sau sawaalon ka ek hisaab hai

the conditions’ condition is bad,
the turn [as in, your turn in the game] is not a trick, but a question.
there are a hundred answers to a question,
and there is one calculation for these hundred questions.

[chaal in Hindi can mean speed (that’s not used here), or a trick, or, probably originated from these two, a turn in a game (makes a lot of sense when we are talking about chess as every turn here is tricky. The ‘hundred answers to every question’ basically means hundreds of possible turns after every turn. And one calculation for hundred questions basically means one game made up of all these turns.]

khel khel mein
khel khel ke
khel khel ye aa jaayega

chaal ka na koi chaal chalan hai
dogalapan, ek hi niyam hai
anek ek pe ek hai bhaari
ek anek mein kaisi yaari
ek ek ka ek ek hota hai
do ek se ek do milta hai
do ek se ek do milta hai

this turn does not behave,
the only law is two-facedness,
a single one is above many ones,
what kind of friendship is there between one and many.
one one has one one.
two ones give a two
two ones give a two..

akl nahi ise jee se khelo
jeevan bhi jeena aa jaayega

don’t play it with the brains but with the heart,
you’ll learn how to live life too.

khel khel mein
khel khel ke
khel khel ye aa jaayega

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Please do atrangi yaari too.

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