O Saathi Itna to Bas Kar De Lyrics Translation | Shab

Movie: Shab
Music: Mithoon
Lyrics: Mithoon
Singer: Arijit Singh
Label: Tips Music

kis tarah main bataaun
ki adhoora main hoon
ye yakeen dilaaun
bana tere liye hi main hoon.
ab yehi hai meri khwaahish
is pal ko to main jiyoon.

how do I tell you
that I am incomplete,
and make you believe,
that I am made for you.
Now this is my wish,
that I live this moment.

tu is jagah hai khaRa
phir bhi hai door tu haan
kuch na raha darmiyaan
phir kyun dil keh raha—

you stand here,
and yet you are far.
there is nothing remaining between us,
then why is the heart saying—

o saathi
itna to bas karde
ek aakhri dafaa sahi
baahon mein tu bhar le

O beloved,
just do this much,
even if for one last time,
take me into your arms.

teri maujoodgi se
ik hifaazat thi meri
tu jo chhoR gaya mujhe
to zindagi bikhri

In your presence,
I used to feel safe.
Now that you have left me,
my life has fallen apart.

ab tu phir saamne hai
to dil kar raha hai sawaal
kyun is tarah bewafa
ho gaya tu de de jawaab
hoke judaa kya milaa
ye bata de ab yahaan

now that you are in front of me,
the heart is asking,
why did you become infidel,
answer me.
what did you get by leaving me,
tell me now.

o saathi..
itna to bas kar de
ik aakhiri dafaa sahi
baahon mein tu bhar le.

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