Lag Gayi Tashreef Meaning / Explanation

Now that's a complex one. So let's begin with what Tashreef is, and then we can move on to what it's not. Tashreef is an Urdu word with an Arabic origin, meaning honor. It shares the same root as shareef (gentlemanly, honorable), and sharaafat (nobility).

Now let's talk about what it's not. Somehow, the word is often considered as 'butt'. This probably came out of a bad reverse engineering on the phrase 'tashreef rakhna' which means to sit down, and which someone decided meant putting one's butt down, rather than place one's honor/honorable self. Here it's not clear at all how this supposed meaning became famous. Guess it's much like how all the butt jokes get their fame.

So while lag gayi tashreef could be understood as someone's honor being gone, if we try and insist on the real meaning of the word tashreef, it probably has come from the non-meaning of the word, as there is a phrase called g***D lagna where g***d literally means a** or butt, and the meaning of the phrase is to be in trouble. So effectively, lag gayi tashreef is supposed to mean 'to be in trouble'.

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