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Rabba ve is a popular song from the Hindi TV series Iss Pyaar ko Kya Naam Doon, which was broadcast on Star Plus. The lyrics of the song with English Translation are here.

rabba ve rabba ve

O Lord, O Lord...

kyun khwaabon pe tere saaye hain
dil kyun hai tanha mera?
kyun khaamoshi hai zubaan meri
ashkon se keh paaoon naa

Why are there your shadows on my dreams,
why is my heart so lonely?
why is the silence my tongue,
I'm not able to speak with my tears.

kyun dard hai itna
tere ishq mein?

why is there so much pain,
in your love?

rabba ve rabba ve
rabba ve rabba ve

kyun nazarein teri yoon anjaan hain
aankhein hain meri bhi nam,
kyun paa kar bhi tum ko khoya hai,
hum kyun na ban paaye hum?

why are your eyes so unaware,
my eyes are wet too.
why have I lost you even after getting you,
why couldn't we become 'we' (as in why couldn't we come together)?

kyun dard hai itna
tere ishq mein?

rabba ve rabba ve.

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