Thoda Daaru Vich Pyaar Mila De Lyrics Translation | Guest in London

Movie: Guest iin London
Music: T.S.Jarnail, Raghav Sachar
Lyrics: T.S.Jarnail, Arya Acharya (Rap)
Singer: Taz (Stereo Nation), Arya Acharya (Rap)
Music Label: T-Series

kaD paTiala teri jawaani
aaja karde shuru kahaani
hoon to main ek desi chhora
par nacha doon english rani

your youth is like a Patiala peg,
come, let's start the story.
I'm a local boy,
but I can make the English queen dance.

machaana shor hai
music mein zor hai
style mera thoRa crazy
gimme that!

we have to make a noise,
there is power in music,
my style is a little crazy...
gimme that!

o saajna...

O beloved...

O thoRa daaru vich pyaar mila de
o thoRa daaru vich pyaar mila de
o nashe diye band botaley

Mix a bit of love in the liquor,
O, you closed bottle of intoxication!

tu hi manzil hai meri
tu hi taqdeer hai meri
tere naal zindagi di
koi vi kami ni..

you are my destination,
you are my fate,
with you there,
my life is complete.

pyaar da jaam pila de
dil naal dil mila de
husna di raaniye tu
meri mehbooba...

get me the drink of love,
let your heart meet mine,
O queen of beauty,
you are my love.

meri ankhiyaan di pyaas bujha de
meri ankhiyaan di pyaas bujha de, bujha de
thoRa daaru vich pyar mila de
thoRa daaru vich pyar mila de, mila de!

quench the thirst of my eyes,
quench this thirst.
Mix some love in the liquor...

o saajna...

choome jisko tu bekaabu ho jaaye
ab what to do?
husn mein nasha
lo ji main phansa
tell me baby kya main karoon

the one you kiss goes out of control,
now what to do?
there is intoxication in your love,
look, I'm trapped,
tell me baby what shall I do.

madness chaaro taraf
botal bhi kare na madad
club ho ya maikhana
billo main hua deewana

madness is all around,
even the bottle doesn't help,
be it club or bar,
I'm crazy, O catty girl.

kasam khuda di billo
jaan ton pyaari lagdi
teriyaan adaavan nu karda salaam.

I swear to God, O girl,
you are more beloved to me than my life.
I salute your styles.

ishq ae wallah ehda
roop vi ae vallah hoye
chhaRayaan da dil ni, baRa kamazor

her love is wow,
her beauty is wow too,
don't leave this heart, it's very weak.

meri akhiyan di pyaas bujha de
meri akhiyan di pyaas bujha de, bujha de
thoRa daaru vich pyaar mila de
thoRa daaru vich pyaar mila de, mila de!

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