Jaanu Meri Jaan Lyrics Translation | Behen Hogi Teri

Movie: Behen Hogi Teri (2017)
Music: RD Burman, Recreated by: Rishi Rich
Lyrics: Anand Bakshi (original lyrics), Raftaar (new additions & Rap)
Singers: Raftaar, Juggy D, Shivi
Label: Zee Music Company

this is a rishi rich refix

rishi rich!
Juggy D!
you got raftaar!

jaanu meri jaan
main tere qurbaan

O beloved, O my life,
I'm ready to give my life for you.

tu mera-
teri jaane saara hindustan
tu mera main teri
jaane saara hindustan

you're mine-
-yours, entire India.
you're mine and I'm yours,
entire India knows.

dekh banda hoon main bhola bhaala
milke khelein jeeja-saala
behen ko teri ye 'man' pasand hai
mat lagaana taala.

look, I'm a simple person,
let's play brothers-in-law.
Your sister likes this man,
so don't lock (me out)*

mujhe teri sister se hai pyaar
main soch kharaab ni rakhta yaar
mere ghar-baar ki izzat yahaan se lekar
saat samundar paar

I love your sister,
I don't have a bad thinking,
(I maintain) the dignity of my people
is from here till foreign lands.

main tere liye dishes banaaunga
ye to gap main bridges banaaunga
teri sis mujhe kare baRa miss bro
usko main missus banaaunga

I'll cook dishes for you,
I'll make bridges to fill the gaps,
Your sister misses me a lot, bro,
I'll make her my wife.

your jija is litle bit famous baby!

your brother-in-law (sister's husband here) is a little famous baby!

nazron se na tol mujhe
dil se kaam le
tu jiski wo tere bin kyun
kisi ka naam le

don't check me with your eyes,
use your heart.
the one to whom you belong,
why would he think of anyone else other than you?

chhoTi si ik baat bani
baat se daastaan
o bhool ke sab baatein hanste hain
wohi pyaar ki shaan

It was a small thing,
and then it became a long story from the small thing.
and now we laugh, forgetting all of it,
that is the pride of love.

jaanu meri jaan
main tere qurbaan

aye main tera tu meri
jaane saara hindustan
tu mera main teri
jaane saara hindustan


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