Ve Badi Lambiyan si Judaiyan Lyrics Translation | Raabta

Movie: Raabta
Music: Pritam
Lyrics: Amitabh Bhattacharya
Singer: Arijit Singh
Music Label: T-Series

sajda tera kar na sakoon
wo bandagi kya bandagi
tere bina jeena paRe
to zindagi kya zindagi

If I can't bow my head in prayer to you,
what kind of worship it is...
if I have to live without you,
what kind of life it is.

kya rang laaya dil ka lagaana
goonje hawaa mein
bichhRe dilaan diyaan duhaaiyaan
vey baRi lambiyaan si judaaiyaan

what a result is brought about by this love,
that there echoes in the air
the sad cries of two separated hearts.
these separations are very long.

tere nishaan yaadon mein hain
tu kyun nahi taqdeer mein
nadaan dil hai DhoonRhta
qurbat teri tasveer mein...

your signs are there in my memories,
why are you not there in my fate?
the innocent heart looks for
proximity to you, in your picture.

mumkin nahin hai tujhko bhulaana
dekhe khudaaya do aashiqaan diyaan tabaahiyan

it's not possible to forget you,
let God see the destruction of two lovers.

vey baRi lambiyaan si judaaiyaan
baRi lambiyaan si judaiyaan
judaiyaan.. judaaiyaan..
vey baRi lambiyaan se judaaiyaan
lambiyaan si judaaiyaan

vey baRi lambiyaan si judaaiyaan...
vey baRi lambiyaan si judaaiyaan...

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