Meri Pyari Ammi Jo Hain Lyrics Translation | Secret Superstar (2017)

Movie: Secret Superstar (2017)
Music: Amit Trivedi
Lyrics: Kausar Munir
Singer: Meghna Mishra
Label: Zee Music Company

thoRi si cute hai
thoRi si karari bhi
thoRi si cool hai
thoRi si puraani bhi

she is a little cute,
and a little tough too.
she is a bit cool
and a little old-fashioned too.

jaise garmi mein ThanDa sa sharbat
khaTTa meeTha sa
jaise sardi mein chaahat ka koyi
kambal moTaa sa

like a cool, sweet-sour sherbet
in summers,
like a heavy quilt of love
in winters.

meri pyari ammi jo hai,
meri pyaari ammi jo hai...

is my lovely mother,
my lovely mother.

mushkil mein hoti hoon
ammi meri roti hai
khushi mein bhi meri wo
dupaTTaa bhigoti hai

when I'm in trouble,
my mother cries.
and she wets her scarf (with tears)
even when I'm happy.

ek ek aansu mein
duaayein piroti hain
koi bataaye kya hai
ammi aisi hoti hain

she weaves prayers
in every single tear.
somebody tell me,
are all mothers like that?

thoRi si sayaani hai
thoRi si emotional
ammi jo hans de to
Tal jaaye har mushkil

she is a little clever,
and a bit emotional too.
if she laughs,
every trouble passes.

jaise kismat ki chaabi hai wo
jo khole har taala
maine apne sapno ka
har baksa unko de dala

she is like a key to the fate
which opens every lock.
I have given her
every box of my dreams.

meri pyari ammi jo hain
meri pyaari ammi jo hain...

ammi ke haathon mein
jaane kaisi barkat hai
daal khichRi mein bhi
daawaton ki lazzat hai
chehre pe fiqron ki
lakeerein hain phir bhi
ammi meri duniya mein
sabse khoobsurat hai

I don't understand what a magic
is there in her hand,
even in the simple lentils-rice she cooks,
there is taste of feasts.
there are lines of worry
on her face,
but my mother is the
most beautiful person in my world.

thoRi si mo-om hai
thoRi si wo sakht bhi
ammi ki god mein
tham jaata hai waqt bhi
jaise unke seene mein
Tik Tik Tik meri dhaRkan hai
mujhe unke seene se lag ke
mil jaati jannat hai

she is a little soft (like wax, literal translation)
and a little hard too.
time seems to stop
when I sit on her lap.
as if my heartbeat is there
in her chest,
I get the heaven
when she embraces me.

meri pyari ammi jo hain...

ammi jo hai
ammi ammi jo hain...

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