Jawan Hai Mohabbat Lyrics Translation | Fanney Khan

Movie: Fanney Khan [Meaning]
Music: Tanishk Bagchi
Lyrics: Irshad Kamil
Singer: Sunidhi Chauhan
Music Label: T-Series

haazir hai husn
ishq ki mehfil mein
aaj phir.. haazir hai husn

beauty is present
in the party of love.
once again, love is present.

aao yahaan shareefon zara
tumhein main sharaafat bhula doon
saari sharam miTaa doge tum
agar main sharaarat pilaa doon

come here, O gentlemen,
Let me make you forget your good manners.
You'll leave all your shyness aside,
if I make you drink some mischief.

haazir husn khazaana saara
zaahir ishq iraada karoon dobaara

all the treasure of beauty is here,
let me express the intent to love again.

jawaan hai mohabbat
samajh lo ishaara
akele akele na hoga guzaara

love is young,
understand this signal.
we'll not be able to live separately.

husn hai pehli manzil
ishq jo karta haasil
koi na jaane aage jaana kahaan

love is the first world destination,
which love has to attain.
no one knows where further to go.

rooh ko chhoona mushkil
chhoo ke bhi kya hai haasil
roohein do baahon mein na aati yahaan

it's tough to touch the soul,
what will you get even if you can touch it.
you cannot hold the soul with your two arms.

aakhir gale laga le yaara
aisa kahaan milega tumhein nazaara

embrace me, O beloved.
where will you get such a scenery?

jawaan hai mohabbat
samajh lo ishaara
akele akele naa hoga guzaara

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