Khiladi Mere Junglee Hain Lyrics Translation | Jungli Sher — Divine

Single: Jungli Sher
Music: Sez, DIVINE
Lyrics: DIVINE
Singer: DIVINE
Label: Sony Music

sunega sher log ki kahaani?
sunega kya? sunega kya?
sher log ki kahaani?
Sez on the beat..
chal sun le..

Will you listen to the story of people brave like lion?
Will you? Will you?
The story of people brave like lions?
Sez on the beat (Sez is the music director)
Okay listen.

this is my story...

chhoTa sa main laRka,
chhoTi cheezon pe main bhaRka
mere daal mein nahi tha taRka,
ghar mein baap ke roz ka lafRa,

I was a young boy,
I used to be angry on small things.
There was no butter in my food,
There were daily fights in my father's house.

dafna mushkilon ko,
meri maa ki kamaai ne,
baap wala role nibhaaya mere bhai ne,

problems were buried
by my mother's earnings.
and my brother played the role of my father.

tairna sikha khaayi mein,
isliye shabdon mein gehraayi hai.
zindagi toh ek laRaai hai,
jo paiso mein samaayi hai.

I learnt to swim in a ditch,
that's why there is depth in my words.
this life is a fight,
which is all about money.

khoTi paTeli tumahri,
peeke liquor wali die hai,
idhar jigar wali die hai,
teri tipper wali die hai.

An exact translation wouldn't make much sense, but what he means here is that you are a weak person who can't even drink much liquor, while he's a strong one with a strong liver too.

jo dikhta hai wo bikta hai,
samajdaar ho to Tikta hai,
paisa ho to lala shiksha hai,
umeed garibon ka rickshaw hai,
jo ameer leke nikla hai.

what is seen, is sold.
if someone is intelligent, he can survive.
If you have money, sir, you'll get education.
while hope is the rickshow of the poor,
that rich people take (and go to their destination).

is jismon ke samundar mein,
sikandar wo jo jeet-ta hai,
dilon ko beta andar se.
chhuTkaaraa paaoge jhanjhaT se,
mehnat aur thoRi mannat se,
thakaan aur thoRi kismat se,
parbat bhi bante kankaR se.

in this ocean of bodies,
a real king is one, who wins
hearts, going deep inside.
you'll get freedom from troubles
by hard work, and some prayers,
by getting tired, and with some luck.
Even the mountains are made of small rocks.

aaram hi hogi jannat mein,
hum pale jahaan tu palTi le,
is jungle ki kahaani mein,
khilaRi mere jungli hain,

There will be lot of rest in the heaven.
we were born where you turn back.
in the story of this jungle,
my players are wild beasts.

khilaRi mere jungli hain,
(I’m the voice of the streets)
khilaRi mere jungli hain,
(till they put me beneath)
is jungle ki kahaani mein,
(only truth I will seek)
khilaRi mere jungli hain.

upar nikle tere neeche se,
baatein karte peechhe se,
beef ki baatein garam garam,
saliyon se hum seekh dete,
ajeeb se the,
in kavvon ke beech hum cheel se the,
patte watte peeste the,
paise uspe fees ke the.

we rose up from below you,
talking, from behind you (we moved ahead).
hot talks of beef,
we used to give seekh kabaab* with skewers.
We were strange.
we were like eagles among these crows.
we used to play cards,
on top of that there was money for school fees.

(seekh dena also means to teach something. This can be used in both the meanings here.)

bheekh dete..
gyaan tujhe in galiyon ki,
in chhoTi khilti pariyon ki,
bhookhe sote jo galiyon mein,
un ulTi-seedhi zariyon ki,
majboori ki un ghaRiyon ki,
aansu bhare in nadiyon mein,

we give in alms,
the knowledge of these streets,
of these little, blossoming fairies,
of those sleeping on the streets,
of those strange methods (that we have to take),
of those times of helplessness,
there are tears filled in these rivers here.

to aTak,
mere kaam ke beech mein,
tere kaan ke neeche,
dunga gaon* ke beech mein.

[The official video says the word is crowd, but it sounds like gaon to me.]

So if you disturb me
when I'm working,
I'll slap you,
under the ear,
I'll slam you
even in the mid of the village.

to chamak,
apne kaam ki reet mein,
jhapak-ne ke
Tapak-ne ke,
sabak lene se achchhaa hai
farak samajh ke chamak-damak ke,
ramach wamach se watna hai,
kaamyabi ke nashe ko chakhna hai,
imaandari ki seeRhi se chaRhna hai,
durghaTna hai?
wo to bachpan se hi ghaT-ri hai,

so shine,
in your work.
Than taking lessons
in winking
and falling, it's better to
understand the differences, of good and bad,
and move from here.
We have to try the intoxication of success,
have to climb up with the ladder of honesty,
That's been taking place since childhood.

is jungle ki kahaani mein,
khilaRi mere jungli hain, kya?
khilaRi mere junglee hain,
(I was raised in the gutter)
khilaRi mere jungli hain,
(don’t play with my money)
is jungle ki kahaani mein,
(I know what is hunger)
khilaRi mere jungli hain...


khilaRi mere jungli hain,
(i’m the voice of the streets)
khilaRi mere jungli hain,
(till they put me beneath)
is jungle ki kahaani mein,
(only truth i will seek)
khilaRi mere jungli hain,
(till they put me beneath)
khilaRi mere jungli hain...

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