A akhil / Hey akhil lyrics and translation | Akhil (2015)

Movie: Akhil - The power of Jua (2015)
Music:Anup Rubens
Lyrics:Krishna chaithanya
Singers:Rahul pander,  Anup Rubens 
Label: Lahari Music/ T-Series

Hey Akhil andhaa pilla jivvantoone laagindhilla
Hey Akhil icchey ni dil antu adigesindhi aa pilla
Listen to this 
Ninnu choosi choosi choosi
Nannu nene nene nene
Marchi Marchi Marchi poyaane
Kallokocchi vacchi vacchi
Gunde gichi gicchi gicchi 
Naalo undi Nanne yedho chesaave
O dhak dhak 
Dil mein yedho theepi mullu gurchinaave

She was like Hey Akhil! And it left me awestruck
She was like Hey Akhil,  Lend me your heart
After seeing you,  I'm lost in you so much  so that I forgot myself
You've come into my dreams
Poked my heart
By being within me,  you've done something
You've pricked my heart with a sweet thorn(feeling)

Ee poola kanna andham nuvvena
Neethone adugulu vesthoo aalochisthunna
Thoda dhekona koncham lo lona
Ee Laila kosam nenu majnu nu avthunna Mahi ve
Raase Raase undhe Neethone naaku mundhe
Thaane  thaane undhe, ee kaali dil lona

You're more beautiful/adorable  than these flowers
I'm thinking all this by walking along
Just have a look into me
I'm transforming myself into a majnu for this laila
It's predestined about us
She is the only one in my otherwise empty heart

Ninnu choosi |Repeat |

Vese whistle aina
Paade Gazal aina
O shaayaari la Neetho allukupothunna
Gramophone gaana iPhone lo vinna
Premaithe maaradhuga generation yedhaina maahi ve
Hola Hola Hola ippatlo aagadhu gola
Leela Leela Leela antha idhi ni leela

Let it be a whistle or a song
I'm getting along with you like lyrics(poetry)
A Gramophone song even if heard in iPhone, the love/feel wouldn't change
Hey hey! The restlessness and the noise within me wouldn't rest
It is all your magic!!

Ninnu choosi |Repeat |

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Balu said...

Excellent song I like it Very Much

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