Jis Din Akash Bedaag Hoga Insaf Hoga Lyrics Translation | Talvar

Movie: Talvar
Music: Vishal Bharadwaj
Lyrics: Gulzar
Singer: Arooj Aftab
Music Label: T-Series

For Talvar, Gulzar writes this song (all other songs too, of course) that has words that seem to talk of hope, hope for Justice, but the way they go, you can clearly see how justice delayed is justice denied. The song sounds like it might be at the end of the movie.

jis din aakash bedaagh hoga
chehra chaand ka saaf hoga
jis din samay ne aankhein kholi
insaaf, insaaf, insaaf hoga

the day sky becomes spotless,
and the face of moon is clean,
the day time opens its eyes,
there will be Justice.

behta kya, aankh mein,
ummeed nahi hai
aansoo ka mol to hai,
khareed nahi hai
taraazoo uThega to insaaf hoga
hoga, hoga, insaaf hoga
insaaf, insaaf, insaaf hoga

what flows from the eye?
It’s not hope.
there is value of the tears (that are flowing),
but there is no buying them.
When the weighing scales will get picked up, there will be Justice,
yes, there will be, there will be Justice.
Justice, Justice will be there.

behti nadiyaan, rukti nahi hain
Dooba Dooba taara, taara Dooba
to bhi mukti nahin hai
gardan par hai, karz lahu ka
gardan dekar hi maaf hoga
insaaf, insaaf, insaaf hoga

flowing rivers don’t stop,
even if there is a shooting star there,
there is no salvation..
on the neck, there is blood’s debt,
it’ll be repaid by giving the neck only.
there will be Justice. there will be Justice.

jis din aakash be-daag hoga
chehra chand ka saaf hoga
jis din samay ne aankhein kholi
insaaf, insaaf, insaaf hoga

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