Akkineni lyrics and translation | Akhil (2015)

Movie: Akhil -  The power of Jua (2015) 
Cast: Akhil,  sayesha
Music: Anup Rubens 
Singer: Divya kumar
Label: Lahari Music/ T-Series

Nuvvu nenu ika matching matching 
Mana eedu jodu ika matching matching 
Gold ring choodu matching matching 
Naa gold rangu neeku matching matching 

You're a perfect match for me
We match in all the aspects
Our gold rings match too
My golden skin is a match.

Nee phone ring tone matching matching 
Aa tone loni maththu matching matching 
Maththe ekkinchu scent matching matching 
Naa sentiment kooda matching matching 
Scent o descent o neethone match avvani

Our Ringtones match
The magic of the tones matches too
Our perfumes are a match
Our sentiments match
Let it be anything,  let me match you somehow.

Akkineni akkineni akkineni akkineni 
Nenera neeku diamond raani
Akkineni akkineni 
Neetho nenu set aipoini

Hey akkineni, I'm your Diamond queen
Hey akkineni, let me be a perfect match to you.

Akkineni is the  family name of  the hero and hence the reference. 

King nenu queen Nuvvu matching le
Mana Kingdom neeku naaku matching le
Moon nenu light Nuvvu matching le
Naa moonlight smile Neetho matching le
Song nenu tune Nuvvu matching le
Naathone Nuvvu tune aithe matching le
Nee chengu chengantu Nee vente running, mujhko le Jaa re

I'm the king and you,the queen
Our Kingdom is match for both of us
I'm the moon and you, the light
My moonlight smile is a match
I'm the song and you, the tune
If you get tuned to me,  it would be a perfect match
I'm running behind you,  take me away.

Akkineni |Repeat|

Sun Nuvvu sign nenu matching le
Neeku naaku sun sign matching le
Sweet nenu hot Nuvvu matching le
Naa sweetheart Nuvvu aithe matching le
Rose nenu milk Nuvvu matching le
Nee rose milk dance Naatho matching le
Roju ku okka sweet ichukuntu treat naaku thippu oorantha 

I'm the sun and you,  the sign
Our zodiac signs match too
I'm sweet and you're hot and spicy
If you become my sweetheart,  it would be a great match
I'm rose and you,  the milk
Your dance moves are also a match to mine
Take me along through the streets!

Akkineni |Repeat |

Morethan the meaning,  may be these kind of songs should be enjoyed as such. 

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