Matargashti Lyrics Translation | Tamasha

Movie: Tamasha
Music: A.R. Rahman
Lyrics: Irshad Kamil
Singer: Mohit Chauhan
Music Label: T-Series

Imtiaz Ali, ARR, Irshad Kamil and Mohit Chauhan once again come up with something wonderful. The first song from Tamasha is not just worth listening to, it's worth a watch too. Ranbeer Kapoor not-so-loudly copies Dev Anand, talks about a few of RK's movies, and has some fun that you would enjoy too. So here is a video as well. Hope you love it.

maTargashti khuli saDak mein
takDi taDak bhaDak mein
ole gire sulagte se
sulagte se saDak mein
chhatri na thi bagal mein
aaya hi na akal mein
ke bhaagein hum ya bheegein hum akaD mein
to socha phir
geela hua hai jo sukhana ho ho ho,
chaahe janaana ya mardaana ho ho ho
phainka naya paasa
phir de gayi jhaansa
ainveyi mujhe phaansa
teri aisi ki ho taisi zindagi..
phainka naya paasa
phir de gayi jhaansa
ainveyi mujhe phaansa
chirkut zindagi you know!

fun on the open road,
in solid show off,
burning hailstones rained,
burning hailstones on the road..
I had no umbrella with me,
I wasn’t getting
whether to run, or get drenched, in my airs.
then I thought,
I’ll have to dry what has become wet.
whether it’s for ladies or gents.
(it) threw a new dice (i.e. tried a new trick)
bluffed me again,
entrapped me for nothing,
you go to hell, O life!
it tried a new trick
bluffed me again,
entrapped me for nothing,
this tattered life, you know!

tu hi hai wo
jis se khela tha main kho-kho khela kho kho
tu hai laila, shirin, sohni, juliet
sun lo mujh ko DhoonDho na jungle mele mein
whatsapp pe hoon ha ha ha ha ha ha..

you are that,
with whom I used to play kho kho,
you are Laila, Shirin, Sohni, Juliet,
listen, don’t look for me in the jungle or fair,
I am on Whatsapp..

na tera na mera zamaana ho ho ho..
na ye zanaana, na mardana ho ho ho ho..
pakad paana

the world is neither your nor mine,
it’s neither feminine, nor masculine,
to catch it..

tu hi hai wo
jisne khainchi meri dhoti dhoti khainchi
o tu DhoonDhe kahaan banday
na main kaaba, kaashi
main TwiTTer pe hoon
DP meri dekho
hoo hoo hoo hoo hoo hoo

You are that
who pulled my loincloth,
o, where do you search, O believer,
I am neither kaaba, nor kaashi,
I am on Twitter,
See my DP,
O O O..

(Kaaba and Kaashi are both holy places of Muslims and Hindus respectively)

sun re sun beliya
dil ne dhokha diya
aankhen mileen tumse naazneen
mere hosh-o-havaas kho gaye
ho dil ka bhanvar bole sun saathiya
chhup na dupaTTe mein tu o chhaliya
Prem pujaari ke,
dil ka bayaan hota raha
rota raha priye
to phir Deng Deng Deng Deng Deng…

listen O beloved,
the heart has ditched me,
my eyes met yours, O tender one,
I lost my senses,
the whirlpool in the heart says, listen O companion,
don’t hide in your scarf, O trickster,
O, the heart of love's worshipper
kept saying,
it kept crying, O beloved.
so, Deng Deng Deng Deng Deng…

[In this part there are a lot of old films mentioned. Dil ka bhanvar kare pukaar is a famous Dev Anand song from Tere Ghar ke Saamne. Chhaliya was a Raj Kapoor film, and Prem Pujari was Dev Anand again. Ranbir is copying Dev Sahab's style here in the song.]

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