Tu Koi Aur Hai Lyrics Translation | Tamasha

Movie: Tamasha
Music: A R Rahman
Lyrics: Irshad Kamil
Singer: A R Rahman, Alma Ferovic, Arjun Chandy
Music Label: T-Series

This is a gem from the album. Sung by none other than A R Rahman himself, the song inspires one to do what one wishes to do, rather than be what the world wishes them to be, telling them that they can do anything they wish to do.

tu koi aur hai
jaanta hai tu
saamne is jahaan ke
ik naqaab hai
tu aur hai, koi aur hai
kyun nahi wo, jo hai

you are someone else.
you know that.
in front of this world,
there is a mask,
(and) you are someone else, someone else.
why aren’t you what you are?

tu jahaan ke waaste khud ko bhool kar
apne hi saath naa aise zulm kar
khol de wo girahein
jo lagaaye tujhpe tu
bol de tu koi aur hai
chehre jo oDhe tune wo
tere kahaan hain..

for the world, don’t you forget yourself
and oppress yourself.
open those ties
in which you have tied yourself.
speak up, that you are someone else.
the faces that you wear,
they are not yours..

saamne aa, khol de sab
jo hai dil mein bol de ab
saamne aa, khol de sab
jo hai dil mein bol de ab

come out, open up everything.
whatever is in your heart, tell everything.

tere raaste, khwaab hain tere
tere saath jo umr bhar chale
o inhein gale lagaa
tu kaun hai bataa
o.. khol de ye gireh..

your paths are your dreams,
which have been with you all your life.
embrace them.
tell them who you are.
open these ties.

tu koi aur hai
teri naa hadein
aasmaan hai.. khayaal hai..
bemisaal hai..
tu mauj hai, tu raunakein
chaahe jo tu, wo hai

you are someone else,
there are no limits for you,
you are sky, you are a thought,
you are matchless..
you are a wave, you are brightness,
you are what you wish.

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