Daata Tera Kaisa Hai Rehmo Karam Lyrics Translation | Banjo

Movie: Banjo
Music: Vishal-Shekhar
Lyrics: Amitabh Bhattacharya
Singer: Ajay Gogavale (from Ajay-Atul)
Label: EROS Music

haari hatheli ki lakeerein kyun deva
saari bani hain zanjeerein kyun

why have the lines of the palm lost, O Lord,
why have they all become chains?

aankhon ke aage andhera sa hai
rootha hai mujhse savera kyun
kya wo dhanak ki satrangi thi
meri nazar ka bharam
daata tera kaisa hai rehamo karam..

there is a sort of darkness in front of my eyes,
why is the morning angry with me?
was that seven-colored rainbow
just my delusion?
O Lord, what kind of mercy is this?
(as in, you are more merciful than this.)

kabhi jinke karte the nazare
bani hain un khawabon ki mazaarein

the dreams we once used to dream,
now they are all dead and buried.

choora choora TooT kar kyun
aashiyana hasraton ka hua re
seene mein dard ka Dera sa hai
pighla nahi buth tera kyun

why has the house of dreams
shattered and become sawdust?
there is, like a camp of pain in the heart,
but why doesn't your statue melt?

tu hi bata is TooTe dil se
ab nibhaaoon kya dharam

Now you only tell me how I should perform
my duties with this broken heart.

daata tera kaisa
hai rehem-o-karam..

hey ram...

O Lord Ram...

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