Hum Mein Tum Mein Jo Tha Lyrics Translation | Raaz Reboot

Movie: Raaz Reboot
Music: Jeet Ganguli
Lyrics: Rashmi Virag
Singers: Palak Muchchal, Papon
Music Label: T-Series

hum mein tum mein jo tha
wo khatam ho gaya
moD pe aakhiri main reh gaya

whatever was there between you and me,
that has ended.
I am the only one remaining at the turn now.

maine koshish bohat ki bacha loon magar
pehle dil baad mein ghar jal gaya
seene mein di jagah maine jis raaz ko
aankhon se meri wo beh hi gaya

I tried a lot to save,
but first the heart, and then the home was burnt,
the secret I had given place to in my chest,
it eventually flowed away from my eyes..

hum me tum mein jo tha
wo khatam ho gaya
mod pe aakhiri main reh gaya

mere liye tu wohi hai
badla kuch nahi
khel hai ye waqt ka sab
bigDa kuch nahi

you are the same for me,
nothing has changed.
this is all a game of times,
and nothing is ruined.

hai kasam tu aake le chal mujhe phir wahin
aye maseeha mere aa zakham bhar bhi de
dard mein doobi hui gehraaiyaan

For me, come and take me there again,
O messiah, come and heal my wounds,
there are depths of drowned pain here.

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