O Dil Just Go to Hell Lyrics Translation | Dear Zindagi

Movie: Dear Zindagi
Music: Amit Trivedi
Lyrics: Kausar Munir
Singer: Sunidhi Chauhan
Label: Sony Music India

yahaan se kahaan jaaun
kahaan main chhup jaaun
ye aadhaa sa dil
main kaise lagaaun

where do I go from here,
where do I hide?
this half heart,
where can I use it (that is, how do I love with it.)

hoon khud se judaa main
hoon khud se alahadaa
ye aadhaa sa dil
main kaise basaaun

I'm separated from me,
I am away from myself (alaahadaa means separated only)
this half heart,
how do I make a home of it..

O rooThe dil, rooThe dil, rooThe dil
O jhooThe dil, jhooThe dil, jhooThe dil
O TooTe dil, TooTe dil, TooTe dil
hai kya teri mushkil
O just go to hell dil

O angry heart, angry heart,
O liar heart, liar heart..
O broken heart, broken heart..
what's your problem,
Just go to hell, O heart.

O just go to hell
O dil just go to hell
dil just go to hell
O dil just go to hell dil yeah...

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