Ishaqzaade Meaning

So Habib Faisal, the man who made Do Dooni Chaar, is coming up with a new movie called Ishaqzaade. Now the name sounds interesting, but somehow it is confusing as well. Literally, since -zaada is a suffix used for someone born of/from/as a result of, like Saahabzaade would mean a son of Saahab and Ha**mzaada would mean a ba***rd, someone who is born as a result of Ha**m, considered so as it's out of Wedlock.

Just to add to it, a Shahzada, that is a Prince, also comes from the same suffix, as he is son of a Shah, a king.

But somehow, looking at posters of the movie, I get a feel that the director here wants to say that Ishaqzaada is someone who is too much into love, to an extreme. That the world calls those lovers ishaqzaade as a swear word, just like Ha**mzaade.

That is what seems to be the story to me. Would still like to know what is Habib's explanation though.

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Anonymous said...

Can you please post the song 'Ishq Hothon Se' from 'Jo Hum Chahein' and its translation. I just love that song like anything.
Plzz Plzz.

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