Chikni Chameli Meaning

In Hindi, Chikna/ Chikni means smooth and chameli means the Jasmine flower. However, in the Mumbaiya dialect, which is spoken in (and, in fact, outside too) Mumbai and is not officially a dialect, chikni would mean a beautiful girl, and it has been used as an adjective here to Chameli, which is a common name for girls in India.

Chikni Chameli is the title of an item number in Karan Johar produced Agneepath, perfomed on by Katrina Kaif. Before this, Kareena Kapoor has played the role of a prostitute named Chameli in Sudhir Mishra's movie Chameli.

For the translation of the entire song, see THIS POST.

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Can you please post the song 'Ishq Hothon Se' from 'Jo Hum Chahein' and its translation. I just love that song like anything.
Plzz Plzz.

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