Ishaqzaade Title Song: Lyrics, Translation

Movie: Ishaqzaade
Music: Amit Trivedi
Lyrics: Kausar Munir
Singers: Javed Ali, Shreya Ghoshal
Label: Sony Music

Ik ore badhne lage jo
Ik dor bandhne lage jo
Ik shor karne lage jo, do dil..
Ik chaal chalne lage jab
Ik dhaal dhalne lage jab
Ik thaal chakhne lage jab, do dil..

when two hearts, move in one direction,
get tied with one thread,
make the same noise,
when two hearts walk the same walk,
mould the same way,
eat from the same plate..

Judne lage, lage, do dilon ke jab kinare
Udne lage, Ishaqzaade,
Ishaqzaade.. Ishaqzaade..

when the corners of two hearts start joining,
these mad lovers start flying..

ho, dil pe jo bhi bair beeta
Dil pe jo bhi bair beeta
Teri khair pe vaar diya
Jal-jala kar jo bhi jeeta
Tere pyaar pe haar diya
Humko khud mein shaamil kar le
Ab toh khud ke qaabil kar le
Rang tumhare.. rang jayenge
Sang tumhare.. sang jayenge


whatever problems this heart suffered,
I sacrificed for you,
whatever I won after getting burnt,
I lost on your love,
(Now) include me in yourself,
make me good enough for yourself now..
will color in your colors,
will go with you..
mad lovers..

Seele-seele sapne apne
Pyar ki dhoop se sokhenge
Neele naino ki do nehre
Dil ke baandh se rokenge
Khaak se khwaabon ko bunn le
Raakh se bhi khushiyan chun le
Bujhte-jalte chalte jaayein
Girte uthte badhte jaayein


We'll dry dewy dreams
with the sunshine of love..
we'll stop the two canals of blue eyes
with the dam of heart..
weave the dreams from dust,
pick joys even from ashes,
extinguishing and burning, let's keep going,
falling n getting back up, keep moving forward,
mad lovers...

Ik or badhne lage haiN
Ik dor bandhne lage haiN
Ik shor karne lagey haiN do dil,
Ik chaal chalne lage haiN
Ik dhaal dhalne lagey haiN
Ik thaal chakhne lagey haiN do dil..

Judne lage lage do dilon ke jab kinaare
Udne lage

two hearts are moving in one direction,
are tied with one thread,
are making the same noise,
two hearts are walking the same walk,
are getting moulded the same way,
are eating from the same plate..
when the corners of two hearts start joining,
these mad lovers start flying..


Sachee said...

Thank u sooo much for thz!!!! I luv dz song... it has all thz nice-sounding words...btnever fully understood the meaning...
Thanx again! Keep up ur great work!!!!

Saima said...

Hmm i love dis takes me tøo the dream world.

Sumi said...

An absolute awesome song!

Anonymous said...

a soulful song

Unknown said...

awesome lyrics traslation

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