Teri Keh ke Lunga Meaning

Teri Keh ke lunga is a slang which means I'll tell you and take away your dignity. The sentence suggests arrogance and ego, and though it has an underlying sexual overtone in the origin, the usage is not really about anything sexual.

The slang, in original, implies explicitness, but does not have the words exactly. Lena, which literally means to take, is many times used as a slang, for g***d lena, literally to take someone's a**, that is, to f*** someone in the a**.

However, the words teri keh ke lunga literally just mean "I'll tell you and take yours". It doesn't explicitly mention the object. But the complete meaning here would be something like "I'll tell you, and then I'll f*** you in the a**."

Of course, the meaning again here is not literal, and isn't really about anything sexual, but it's just about making someone lose their honor, dignity, and 'keh ke', which means 'after telling', expresses a challenge, that the person addressed won't be able to do anything about it.

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Sandeep Gupta said...

I dont know from where you(write of this blog)belongs too but it has a different meaning then what you have written in this post. It has no Sexual tome to it.
In North India, where this film is based on "Teri Keh ke Lunga" means "I will do whatever I have said ". Saamne se karunga pith piche war nahi karunga....

Harshit Gupta said...


You're right in saying there is no sexual tone about it. It's just about being dominant here. But what I'm talking about is the origin of that very thing.

abhishekanand said...

freinds I don't know why are you thinking in this way but literally this sentence means f*** someone in a**.

Anonymous said...

what if it is said to a girl?.....lol....:)

Anonymous said...

This is again something you could derive double meaning out of. Basically means I'll give you sufficient warning before i attack you to take your honor away. Its like throwing a challenge and saying i m warning you and will give you time to prepare for my attack

Anonymous said...

A to word translation will be - I'll screw you but I'll warn you before that

Anonymous said...

I think it means i'll revenge myself openly...it is derived from i'll fcuk u in as* as it pains a lot

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