O Ri Chiraiya (Satyamev Jayate): Lyrics, Translation

While Aamir Khan talked about Female Foeticide on the first episode of Satyamev Jayate, he dedicated a song to the girls at the end of the show. The song, composed by Ram Sampath and written and sung by Swanand Kirkire, is here, with the lyrics and English Translation.

O ri Chiraiya
Nanhi si chidiya
Angna mein phir aaja re

O bird,
little bird,
come back again to the yard..

Andhiyara hai ghana aur lahoo se sana
Kirno ke tinke ambar se chun ke
Angna mein phir aaja re

The dark is deep and covered in blood..
pick the straws of sunrays from the sky,
and come back again to the yard..

Humne tujhpe hazaro sitam hain kiye
Humne tujhpe jahan bhar ke zulm kiye
Humne socha nahi
Tu jo ud jayegi
Ye zameen tere bin sooni reh jayegi
Kiske dum pe sajega mera angna

We have done injustice against you a thousand times,
We have given you tortures of the world..
we didn't think-
if you fly away,
this earth will remain deserted without you..
with whose presence shall my yard be adorned..

O Ri Chiraiya, Meri Chiraiya
Angna mein phir aaja re

Tere pankho mein saare sitare jadooN
Teri chunar dhanak satrangi bunooN
Tere kajal mein main kaali raina bharooN
Teri mehandi mein main kachchi dhoop malooN
Tere naino sajaa doon naya sapna

I'll embed all the stars in your wings,
I'll weave for you a rainbow colored scarf,
I'll fill the dark night in your kohl,
I'll rub raw fragrance in your henna (adorned hands),
I'll give a new dream to your eyes..

O ri Chiraiya, Meri Chiraiya
Angna mein phir aaja re

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for the effort

Prashant Singh said...

you murdered the lyrics . Aamir Khan will make an Episode for people like you ..kill poetry in broad day light .

shravan said...

Thanks a ton for the lyrics and translation Harshit....

Prashant Singh i think it's perfect, If u have something which differs y don't u post it here???

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much Harshit, i am speechless watching this great show.

purna said...

Tere kajal mein main kaali raina bharooN
Teri mehandi mein main kachchi dhoop malooN

great job but plz check it out these two line
i think u hav mensioned "mein" two times

Anonymous said...

thanx for da translation.. Wonderfully done!! :)

Anonymous said...

really thats lyrics was awesome...

Unknown said...

Amazing song and really touching lyrics

rohity said...

chiraiya is sparrow. the relevance is, like the females, sparrows are also getting extinct slowly. so its that link which resonates through the song.

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