Ik Bagal mein Chand Hoga: Lyrics, Translation (Gangs of Wasseypur)

Movie: Gangs of Wasseypur
Music, Lyrics, Singer: Piyush Mishra

Ik bagal mein chaand hoga ik bagal mein rotiyaan
ik bagal mein neend hogi ik bagal mein loriyaan
hum chaand pe roti ki chaadar daal kar so jayenge
aur neend se keh denge lori kal sunane aayenge..

There will moon on one side and bread on the other,
there will be sleep on one side and lullabies on the other,
I'll put the sheet of bread on the moon and sleep
and will tell sleep that I'd come the next day to sing the lullaby..

ik bagal mein khankhanati seepiyan ho jayengi
ik bagal mein kuch rulati siskiyan ho jayengi
hum seepiyon mein bhar ke saare taare chhoo ke aayenge
aur siskiyon ko gudgudi kar kar ke yoon behlayenge

There will be jingling shells on a side,
there will be some sobs, making you cry,
we'll get filled in the shells, and go n touch all the stars
And tickle the sobs to cajole them..

amma teri siskiyon pe koi rone aayega
koi rone aayega
gham na kar jo aayega wo phir kabhi na jayega
wo phir kabhi na jaayega
yaad rakh par koi anhoni nahi tu layegi
layegi to phir kahani aur kuchh ho jayegi..

O mother, someone will come to cry on your sobs..
someone will come to cry..
don't be sad, that who comes will not go back again..
he'll never go back..
but remember, you won't bring anything improbable (anything that would affect my work)
and if you bring, the story will be altogether different..

honi aur anhoni ki parwah kise hai meri jaan
hadd se zyada ye hi hoga ke yahin mar jayenge
hum mat ko sapna bata kar uth khade honge yahin
aur honi ko thenga dikha kar khilkhilate jayenge..
aur honi ko thenga dikha kar khilkhilate jayenge,
aur honi ko thenga dikha kar khilkhilate jayenge..

(actually) who cares for probable or improbable/good or bad..
at the maximum I'll die here only..
I'll get up, proving the death a dream,
and will poke fun at the probable and go laughing..
and will poke fun at the probable and go laughing..
and will poke fun at the probable and go laughing...

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Cantunderstandhindi said...

Thanks. beautiful song!

I jus cant thank you enough for your work!

Anonymous said...

Is it a meaning or just translation?

raghu said...


raghu said...


RealityHurts said...

Amazing.. thanks for the notes..

Bulla said...

thanks for your efforts, really appreciated.

Aparna Bose said...

Beautifully explained. Thank you

fanofu2 said...

good attempt but fails to explain the song; basically its just a literal translation without bringing out the meaning.

For example "honi" is not "probable" here!
The real import of this line is "will poke fun at destiny and giggle/laugh.."

changes the meaning completely doesnt it?

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