Aaj dil manmauji Lyrics Translation (Gangs of Wasseypur)

Movie: Gangs of Wasseypur
Music: Piyush Mishra, Sneha Khanwalkar (arrangements)
Lyrics: Piyush Mishra
Singers: Usri Banerjee, Saurabh Srivastav

Aaj toh kho do ji..
Aaj toh kho do ji..
aaj toh kho do ji

Lose it today..
just lose it today..

Aaj dil manmauji..
Aaj dil manmauji..
Aaj dil manmauji..

Today the heart is capricious..

Kaise kar loon baat
Aaj ki raat halak mein
Dil haan hoga haan haan
Haye re khula hai bajuband phata hai Kaaj
sambhal ke chalna hoga haan haan

How to talk,
tonight the heart will be in throat
(that's a proverb which means she'd be too nervous)
the armlet is open and buttonhole is torn,
(so) I'll have to walk carefully..

Aaj hum gaayenge..
Aaj hum gaayenge prem pyar ke geet
Ye jag ki reet ko ab to hilna hoga
Balam se milna hoga
Aaj to hogi ras ki baat
Haath mein pakde unka haat
Aaj dil manmauji..

Today I'll sing..
Today I'll sing songs of love,
the custom of the world will have to change,
I'll have to meet my love..
Today there will be talk of pleasure,
holding his hands..
Today the heart is capricious..

Haye re bheegi dekho
Haye re man ki chidiya
Arrey ye phurrrrr
Kar ke jo baithi shaakh daal par
Arrey ye phurrr phurrr phurrr
Kar ke jo baithi shaakh daal par
Raat mein jhingur bole
Sath mein sur sur bole
Raat ki baat bane saugaat
Raat mein baat daal kar

See, it's wet,
this bird of heart,
See this flight of the bird
to the branch (of tree)
See this free flight of the bird
to the branch of tree..
Crickets chirp in the night,
with the sound of sur-sur,
The talk of night becomes a gift
when you put (sweet) talks into the night..

Haye re hay hay hay hay hay ya..
Tambu mein baaraat
Akeli jaat dare kya karna hoga haan haan

There is a huge group in the tent,
and I alone am afraid what to do..

Khula hai baaju band phata hai kaaj
Sambhal ke chalna hoga
Aaj dil manmauji..

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