Humni ke chhodi ke nagariya ae baba: Lyrics, Translation

Movie: Gangs of Wasseypur
Music: Sneha Khanwalkar
Lyrics: Varun Grover
Singer: Deepak Kumar

Here an interesting fact is that the singer, who hails from Muzaffarpur in Bihar (credited as Deepak Kumar - Muzaffarpur), is just fourteen year old boy. So while in the song a boy is asking his father to meet his mother, the voice belongs to a small boy only.

Also, Thanks to @Rohwit (Blog) and Varun Grover, the lyricist for the album, for the actual lyrics which were submitted.

Humni ke chhori ke nagariya ae baba..
Ki arre baba chhori dihala ghar-parivaar kahun banwa maayi gayili ho..
Humni ke chhori ke nagariya ae baba..
Ki aaho baba soooni kayi ke gharwa-duvaar, kawan banwa maayi gayili ho,

Leaving my town, dear father,
Leaving the family behind, to which wilderness mother has gone..
Leaving my town, dear father,
Pushing the home into loneliness, to which wilderness mother has gone..

Gaunwaan ke logawa, kehu-kehu se na bolein..
Chhotaka laikawaa, bhora-hi se aankh nahin kholey..

He isn’t talking to anybody in the village,
The small boy isn’t even opening his eyes since morning…

Sunsaan bhaiyili dagariya ae baba…
Ki arre baba nimiya ho gayil patjhaar, kawan banwa maayi gayili ho..

The roads are all deserted,
And the Neem tree has shed its leaves, to which wilderness mother has gone..

Kaisa-hoo ae baba, humaraa maayi se milaa da
Saparo tajaa ke humro araj sunaa da..

Do whatever, but let me meet the mother once..
Anyhow convey my message to her.. dear father..

Chhutka ke chhote-ba umiriya re baba..
Ki arre baba, pari lin hum pauwwaan tohaar kawan banwa maayi gayi li ho..
Ki aaho baba soooni kayi ke anganwa-duvaar, kawan banwa maayi gayili ho,

The small boy has a small life, father…
I fall at your feet tell me, to which wilderness mother has gone..
Pushing the home into loneliness, to which wilderness mother has gone..

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Kanhaiya said...

Thank you very much Harshit,

Lovely song, simple yet effective

Anonymous said...

Very innocent song. Very Lovely wordings. Thanks to Deepak & Sneha for giving such a great soothening music with such a lovely lyrics.

Anonymous said...

This song leaves one with a lump in throat.....its been year's I happen to come across a bhojpuri song with meaning and soul.....Can you help point to some more like this?
.....Mostly Bhojpuri songs are vulgar crap with lyrics around bra size :)

Santosh Kumar said...

todd lyrics and voice too...Sneha mam u rocked the bollywood with your songs

Greatminds said...

The real touch of earthiness in Bihar. The way song is sung makes me cry and give me a real feeling of being a Bihari. Love this song. Hats off to the 14 year old Deepak for such a touching song.

kapil said...

I have never listened to a bhojpuri song before coz they all seem to be so crap. But emotions know no language barriers, It is such a wonderful depiction of the pain a small boy is going through and his helplessness that it brought tears to my eyes every time i heard this song, i heard it many times. What an innocent voice this boy singer has. He should get his due recognition for this song and the producers should bring him forward for the world to see and know him. I tried a lot but there is no information about this singer Deepak Kumar Singer from Muzzafarpur. Thank you Deepak, Very well done.

Unknown said...

Really, wasepur team has done a great job. God bless deepak for this song. said...


Anonymous said...

what a mature voice and such emotional lyrics... an absolute classic!

Nitin Srivastava said...

brought memories of my childhood in village. just could not stop my eyes from becoming moist. An earnest request to Anurag Kashyap and his team to be deep rooted always like this to our soil in his movies and keep up the great work. Thanks for the movie of a lifetime and such originality in songs.Great job.

Anonymous said...

Please Deepak sing more songs like this. Hope to meet u personally listen to this song.. tears flowing in my eyes..can't ontrol :(

Unknown said...

It really makes you nostalgic. Similar one is Aam se mithi mahuwa, which has been in the short film Kohaber.
Varun and Sneha, i follow each one of you for many years. You never stopped amusing us.
Bhojpuri has huge audience but why we are devoid of content is unfortunate.
Even you attend a wedding in those areas, you will find more creations in the folks than all the songs being now released together.
Hopefully we may get more Like Hamni k Chhod

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