Teri Keh ke Lunga: Lyrics, Translation (Gangs of Wasseypur)

Movie: Gangs of Wasseypur
Music: Sneha Khanwalkar
Lyrics: Piyush Mishra
Singers: Amit Trivedi, Sneha Khanwalkar

ras bheege saude ka ye khooni anjaam
Teri keh ke lunga
Teri keh ke lunga
Khanjar se doodh gire aur
ho qatl-e-aam
Teri keh ke loonga
Teri keh ke lunga

It's the bloody end of juicy business..
I'll tell you and then take your dignity*
Let milk fall from the knife and
there be open killing,
I'll take your dignity..

Ho saanson ko saanp sungha ke
Jungli tilchatta la ke
keh ke lunga
Teri keh ke lunga
Bichhoo se hoth kata ke
Lori zehreeli gaa ke
Keh ke lunga..

I'll make your breaths freeze
(idiomatically, saanp sunghna = to freeze, go speechless)
getting a wild cockroach,
I'll take your dignity..
I'll get my lip bitten by a scorpion
and sing a poisonous lullaby,
and take your dignity..

Khulli ho sadke tambu thaane chahe
building ho ya paas mehekama..
jisme bachna ho bach le..
Jisme bachna ho bach le
Bach meri jaan teri keh ke lunga
Teri keh ke lunga

Be it open roads, tents, or police stations,
be there a building or department..
In whichever you want to be saved, save yourself..
Save yourself my dear I'll take your dignity..
I'll take your dignity..

Ja tu ja, ja tu ja ja tu
Chadariya natti sagar beech bajariya
Paataal mein ghus jaa...
O ghus jaa.
Jisme ghusna ho ghus le
Ho jisme ghusna ho ghus le
Jisme ghusna ho ghus le ghus meri jaan
Teri keh ke lunga
Teri keh ke lunga aa...

Go.. go, you go..
Go into bedsheets, sea, mid of market,
go into the world below the earth..
Go into it..
Whatever you have to go into, go..
Whatever it is you have to go into, my dear..
I'll take your dignity..

* For detail on the meaning of the phrase Keh ke lunga, see THIS POST.

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vikram said...

thanks for the translation! appreciated!

SSD said...

Hey, I think this song is by Piyush Mishra. You can ask @varungrover on Twitter.

Deepak , Pune said...

Thanks a ton!! Excellent translation , really needed it!!

Rimi said...

Thanks for the transliteration. But i was wondering if you could also post the meaning of these two lines - "panghat ko bechunga main
Mar marghat ke daam teri kehke lunga". They come right after "lori zehrili gake" line. Noticed the meaning of these two lines were missing from the post.

Hindi Tracks said...

wowww....Its nice..!

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