Maara re sixer (Ferrari ki Sawaari): Lyrics, Translation

Movie: Ferrari ki Sawaari
Music: Pritam
Lyrics: Swanand Kirkire
Singers: Sonu Nigam, Aishwarya Nigam & Ashish

Hey maara, Aeh maara
Yeh maara, Wo maara
Yeh maara, Ye maara, Ye maara..

Hey hit, Aeh hit
hit here, hit there
It's hit, it's hit, it's hit..

Maara re Sixer, Maara re Four
Dekho toh dekho toh
Apna yeh score
public toh public hai
Run maange more
More.. more.. more..
more.. more..

A six is hit here
A four is hit there
Look oh look at our score
Public is public
Wants more runs
More.. more.. more..
more.. more

Hey maara, Aeh maara
Yeh maara, Oh maara
Aha.. Oho..

Umpire ke haath thakne lage hain
Fielder bhi saare tapakne lage hain
Hook maar aisa tu
Rocket ke jaisa tu
Bouncer pahuncha de lahore
More more more more more..

Umpire's hands have begun to get tired,
All fielders have started falling too,
Hit a hook, like a rocket
Get the bouncer to cross Lahore..
More more more more more..

Hum sab ki aankhein tujh pe lagi hai
Har dil mein phir se umeedein jagi hain

All our eyes are on you (we're hopeful)
In every heart hopes have risen

Public hai sang tere..
Barsa de rang tere
Dikhla de balle ka zor

public is with you
rain your colors
show the strength of bat

Hey maara, Aeh maara
Yeh maara, Oh maara
Yeh maara, Ye maara
Ye maara..

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Maara Re said...

being a key element of the movie, reflects in the album as well. It begins with the song Maara Re which can be considered as an anthem in the movie.

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