Chinta ta chita chita meaning

To tell the truth, the words sound more like gibberish than anything else in the song, and I don't really feel they have been added for their meaning. Still, if you insist on knowing, chinta is Hindi for tension, worry, while chita means pyre. And there is also a saying in Hindi that says worry is a way to pyre. चिंता चिता के समान है. (Chinta chita ke samaan hai, literally worry is like a pyre), so if you think the song wants to give you this lesson, you can take it. :)


Anonymous said...

Chinta ta chita chita were the original gibberish lyrics written for the telugu version of this song.

Anonymous said...

it is from the Telugu movie which is being remade. it doesn't have any meaning in Telugu.
in movie he explains as follows
chinta means stick
chita chita means making chutney(beating ) with stick.

Madźa (Red) said...

Can I ask for translation of song "Kalma" - movie "Will You Marry Me"?

Soumya said...

chinta ta chita means maar maar ke kamad tod dena as tells the original film vikramarkudu, its a tegelu words i think

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