Khudaya Tu Bata (Shanghai): Lyrics, Translation

Movie: Shanghai
Music: Vishal-Shekhar
Lyrics: Neelesh Misra
Singers: Shekhar Ravjiani, Raja Hasan

Nemat khuda kar zara ek dafa
Dil dene ka keh zara falsafa
Ye naacheez ek cheez uski maange hai tujhse
Musafir ye dehleez maange hai tujhse
Khudaya tu bata.. Kahaan uska pata, pata kar,
Main uske bina bepata hoon
be pata, be pata, be-pata hoon

O god, do a favor (upon me) once,
tell me the philosophy of giving one's heart
this nobody (me) asks for one thing of hers -
O god, tell me where she is. find out,
(because) I am lost without her,
I'm lost, completely lost..
(be-pata literally is one without an address)

bezikr befiqr mann ke dhundhalke mein yoon aaye
Lamho ki iss bheed mein
Mujhko pal de fursat ke
Madmast kambakht fiqrein dikhaye
Oh itraaye

those unheard, worriless, comes in the haze of heart in a way,
in this crowd of moments,
give me some moments of relief..
inebriate, damned, shows me problems..
prides on self..

Bas ek khayal uska hai din ki fitrat badal de
Dil dene ka keh zara falsafa
Hai chaaha use shiddaton se yoon toot kar ke
Woh kyun na mila muddaton se yoon rooth kar ke

only a thought of hers, changes the mood of the day..
tell me the philosphy of giving heart..
I've loved her with so much intensity..
why couldn't I get her for so long, so angry (she is)..

Khudaya tu bata
Kahaan uska pata? pata kar.
Main uske bina bepata hoon
Bepata, bepata, bepata hoon...

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Waseem Tambe said...

Correction Buddy!!! its Khudaya tu bata
Kahaan uska pata? Aata(Give) kar.

Anonymous said...

No need to it means find out her address "Pata kar"

Samrat Bhatt said...

Awesome song! One of the most underrated songs of emraan hashmi!

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