O Womaniya: Lyrics, Translation (Gangs of Wasseypur)

Movie: Gangs of Wasseypur
Music: Sneha Khanwalkar
Lyrics: Varun Grover
Singers: Khusboo Raaj, Rekha Jha

Once again, tried to keep the meaning/translation of the song as much as possible for me. Thanks to @Rohwit for help. The lyrics are same for the regular version (Womaniya Live) and remixed version of the song.

taare jo babuna, tarti babuniya
babuna ke hatthe na chadhti babuniya

When the guy stares, the girl stares back,
the lady doesn't get caught by the guy..

O womaniya,
A aa womaniya..

Maange jo babuna prem nisaniya
bole jo thodi katiho kaniya..
badle rupahiya ke de na chawaniya
saiyyan ji jhapte to hona hiraniya

O woman, O woman..
When the guy (her husband) asks for token of love,
if he asks for a kiss on chin, bite his ears..
In exchange for a rupee, don't give him twenty five paisas,
and if the husband attacks, be a doe (run away like one from lion)..

reh reh ke maange choli bataniya
jee mein lutaye, lot-lataniya
chaahe muhjhaunsa jab haath sikaniya
kandha mein dena, daant bhukaniya


if he asks for buttons of blouse repeatedly,
while thinking about love playing,
when the wretched guy wants to warm his hands,
dig your teeth into his shoulders..

bolega babuna chal jaiho patna
Patna bahane wo chaahega satna
daiho na babuna ko ticket kataniya
patna na jaana chahe jaana sivaniya


The guy would ask you to come to Patna..
In the name of Patna, he'd try to be touchy with you..
Don't let the guy get a ticket done (for Patna),
Don't go to Patna, even if you go to Siwan..

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Unicorn said...

lovely! a big thank you for translation.

Anonymous said...

taare jo babuna, tarti babuniya
babuna ke hatthe na chadhti babuniya

translation of this should be something like:
Stars are like boys, earch like girls. boys are not going to get girls...

Anonymous said...

no, the translation of the opening line is correct..

Sundar said...

babuna -> boy
babuniya -> girl
taare\taade -> stare

so the it should be

"when boy stares, girl stares back
(yet) girl is unreachable to boy"

krsna said...

Many Thanks guys for for this awesome work. Cheers.

kapil said...

reh reh ke maange choli bataniya
jee mein lutaye (its 'lukaye' actually-meaning to hide), lot-lataniya...the translation should be quite different i guess..this means ' she asks for a buttoned choli time and again..where she hides money..'lot (another word for note) lutaniya means money here'

Anonymous said...

I agree with u there...taare are like boys and dharti are like girls...they never get caught by guys,...still figuring out that blouse one...

kapil said...

I would like to give my input on the first two lines of the song which are actually very important and explain the whole context of the song. It says " taarey jo babuna tarti babuniya...babuna ke haath e na chadhti babuniya". I think that this is more precisely said in the context of a married man and wife or it is for a boy and a girl who are going to get married and will become man and wife, and there the women present in the marriage are describing the grey side of a woman in a comic tone. The first two lines are sung in a different tone than the rest of the song. The tone is painful and sad. It sadly describes the nature of a woman. The dark side of a woman. It means here.." The man is the source of nirvana for a woman..taarey means "paar utarey" here. So its in a man's hand to give a good life to a woman but she is so clever that she despite being the man as her master doesnt come in his hands. And after the two lines the women start describing the woman now..o womaniya aaha womaniya.....and in the last the singer explains this all that i have mentioned above when she sings " aie hai womainya" meaning "this is a woman"

roshan pant said...

i don't know much about this language but i know
taare means stares.. This is accent of bihar... use taare instead of taade!!!

Bhal said...

Badle rupaiyake Dena chavaniya: the meaning is exactly opposite, I feel, of what's given here...it actually means return only 25% of what (love, physical/ emotional) he gives u. I feel so, coz this then fits v well with the spirit of the song which is all in all warning, training, coaching the womania!
Loved it!!

Harshit Gupta said...

Meant the same actually. Like, don't even give 25 Paise. Will add 'even' there.

dharam said...

badle rupahiya ke de na chawaniya

is actually

badle rupahiya ke dhela chawaniya

Nabz said...

Gr8 job done thanks a lot

Shashi Thakur ( From Mumbai, originally from Buxar, Bihar ) said...

If you know bhojpuri, you wont find a single mistake in the translation. The above translation is 100% correct.

Neil Satyam said...

Listen carefully.. in the last para its 'Pahuna' not 'babuna '
Pahuna means Sister's Husband (Jija)

Anonymous said...

Kapil, i totally agree to the meaning of first two lines as described by u. It fits in well with the rest of the song both the lyrics n the tone. But if u see the video actually they are staring at each other n that adds to the confusion i guess. To know the exact meaning its imp yo know bhojpuri but at the same time the philosophy behind womaniya is also very important :)

Anonymous said...

Super Super and Super...! Very well translated. I didn't even have a clue what womaniya meant.... now things are far clearer.... Thanks a lot for the translation :-)

Anonymous said...

I like this song really much and it makes me so lively and it makes me happy and i dont know how. Really nice voice in the song. And i love the words too.

Anonymous said...

taare jo babuna, dharti babuniya
babuna ke hatthe na chadhti babuniya

If the guy is star, the girl is the Earth
The guy can't get her

Maange jo babuna prem nisaniya
bole jo thodi katiho kaniya..
badle rupahiya ke dena chawaniya
saiyyan ji jhapte to hona hiraniya

When the guy asks for token of love,
[Thodi = Lips, Katiho = Cut/chew, Kaniya = bride]
Bride! while taking, you chew* lips (sign of blushing)
In exchange for a rupee, give him only twenty five paisas,
and if the husband attacks, be a doe (run away like one from lion)..

reh reh ke maange choli bataniya
jee mein lukaye, lot-lutaniya

Keep asking for buttoned-choli (blouse)
in which u hide bills (notes)

Souvik said...

All I have to say about each song of this movie:- GENIUS!

Anonymous said...

@kapil---the best meaning of dis song is actualy describe by you.rest are fake and out of the root of the soul of this song.the soul of this song is its first 2 lines which are sang in a sad motion....thanx 4 explaining it correctly.

Anonymous said...

What does patna mean?

Anonymous said...

Patna is capital of Bihar.

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