Gustakh dil mein mushkil: Lyrics, Translation (English Vinglish)

Gustakh dil,
dil mein mushkil
mushkil mein dil
Gustakh dil
thoda sangdil
thoda buzdil

This stubborn heart,
a problem in heart,
heart in problem,
the stubborn heart,
a little hard,
a little timid..

dard ke dar pe thehra hai kyun
sazayein sazaayein ye khud ko kyun deta nayi
hansne ki dhun mein rota hai kyun
sahi kya galat kya ye kuchh bhi samajhta nahi

why is it stuck on the door of pain,
why does it punish itself in new ways
why does it cry in the tune of laughing
why doesn't it understand what's right and what's wrong..

hai barf si saanson mein aankhon mein dhuaan dhuaan
ye har pal kyun khele hai gham ka khushi ka jua jua
ye ummeedon bhara bhara
ye khud se hi dara dara
suljhe dhaagon mein uljha hai kyun
salaahen salahein ye khud ki bhi sunta nahi

the breaths are cold as snow, n there is smoke in the eyes,
why does it play a gamble of sorrow and joy
it's full of hopes,
and it's afraid of itself..
why is it tangled in straight threads..
it doesn't pay heed to its own suggestions..

kyun baaton hi baaton mein phisalti hai zubaan zuban
Kisi sheh na theherti hai behekti hai nigaah nigaah
ye kaise kab hua
ye keh doon kyun hua
girta nahi to sambhalta hai kyun
jhukaaye jhukaye ye maghroor jhukta nahi..

why does the tongue slip in talks so easily,
On any sign, the sight doesn't stick, it gets averted..
how and when did this happen
why, should I say, it happened?
when it doesn't fall, why does it try to recoup
This proud heart doesn't bend on trying..

Gustakh dil..


Aditi said...

Can you please translate the song Dhak Dhuk from English Vinglish?

Anonymous said...

Please Translate The Song Dhak Dhuk.. Please..

Anonymous said...

Please translate the song Dhak Dhuk.. Thanks in advance.

Unknown said...

aditi- I really love this song because it is related to my life

Unknown said...

I feel related to song

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