Sava Dollar Chadhaungi Badle mein: Lyrics, Translation Aiyyaa

Movie: Aiyyaa
Music: Amit Trivedi
Lyrics: Amitabh Bhattacharya
Singer: Sunidhi Chauhan
Pictured on: Rani Mukerjee

Aai Ga..

Hindi filmon mein dekha
jeevan ka saara lekha
Pedo ke aage Bachchan
Pedo ke peechhe Rekha
Haan, mamooli nahi main ladki
Khole sapnon ki khidki
Apni thandi duniyaa ko
Maine sapne pe sekaa
Mera shot ready hai deva
Ok jaldi kar dena
Jholi meri bhar dena aa..

I've seen the world's all detail in Hindi films,
There is Bachchan in front of the trees
and Rekha behind the trees..
Yeah, I'm not an average girl,
I opened the window of my dreams
and I heated my cold world
on my dreams..
O god, my shot is ready,
please help me ok it soon,
fill my (empty) cup..

Heroine mujhe bana dena
Sava dollar chadhaungi badle mein
Heroine ise bana dena
Sava dollar chadhayegi badle mein
Heroine mujhe bana dena
Sawa dollar chadhaungi badle mein

Make me a heroine,
I'll offer a dollar and twenty five cents* to you..
Make her a heroine,
she'll offer a dollar and twenty five cents to you..

Rangeen poster mera galiyo mein dikhayi de
Ghar ghar ke Radio mein bhi mere geet sunayi de

My colored poster should be seen in streets,
There should be my songs playing in every home's radio..

Har koi fan ho mera, ni autograph maange
Sang photo khinchwane ki sab log duhaayi dein
Patli si kamar ke thumke silver jubilee kar dena
Jholi meri bhar dena

All be fan of mine, and ask for my autograph
all be asking for taking a photo with me,
make the dance jerks of lean waist silver jubilee..
fill my empty cup.. (as in, give me what I ask for)

Heroine mujhe bana dena
Sava dollar chadhaungi badle mein

TV ke ad par bhi main kabza mera jamaa loon
Main toothpaste se lekar ghar-bar bech daaloon

I'll capture the TV ads too,
and sell away everything from toothpaste to home and all..

har ek top hero se mera affair hoga
Phir bhi single hone ka daava thok daaloon
dus bees filmfare-on ke sang ek Oscar dena
Jholi meri bhar denaa...

I'll have an affair with every top hero,
still I'll claim to be single..
Get me an Oscar along with tens of filmfare awards..
fill my cup..

Heroine mujhe bana dena
Sava dollar chadhaungi, Aai shapath

make me a heroine,
I'll offer a dollar and one quarter, I swear on my mother..

* One Dollar and a quarter is offered as an amount for fulfilling her wish, a Mannat. For more detail on this, please check THIS POST.


elizaanam said...

Thank you!
Can anyone translate the marathi parts also? They seem to be pretty interesting too!

Faith said...

What does the line about offering a dollar and twenty-five cents to someone mean? I'm assuming it has cultural context? Thanks!

Harshit Gupta said...


That was a little idiotic of me. Thought of mentioning and forgot. Yep. there is a context. Adding that. Thanks.

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