Jaane Bhi De (Ishq in Paris Song): Lyrics, Translation

Movie: Ishq in Paris
Lyrics: Kumaar, Kausar Munir
Music Director: Sajid - Wajid
Singer: Sonu Nigam, Sunidhi Chauhan

Do pal kaa kissaa ho, ya dil kaa hissaa ban gaye
Jaane bhi de
Do pal ki rahat ho, ya dil kee chahat ban gaye
Jaane bhi de

Whether I've become a story of two moments or a part of your heart
Let it go
Whether I am a relief for two moments or the wish of your heart
Let it go..

Chal donon milkey chaltey rahengey
Raaho kee baaho mein miltey rahengey
Kuch tum sunaao, kuch hum kahengey
Dil bhar gayaa to hanskey kahengey
Jaane bhi de

Come, we will keep on moving forward together
We will keep meeting in the arms of our paths
You say something, I will say something
When we're bored, we will say by smiling
Let it go..

Ho-na-ho.. jaadoo chaltaa hai koi
Terey bhee armaan jaltaa hai koi
Chhalney bhee dey, jhalney bhee dey
sholo mein dil jalney bhee dey

Some magic definitely happens
Someone have desires to get you -
Let it cheat, let it shrivel
Let the heart be burnt in fire..

Chhalney bhee dey, dhalney bhee dey
Palko pey dil palney bhee dey
Palko pey milkey sapney bunengey
Kuch tum dikhao, kuch hum chunengey
Jaane bhi de

Let it cheat, let it wither
Let the heart be cared for on the eyebrows
Meeting on eyebrows, we'll weave dreams together
You show some of them, some I'll choose
Let it go..

Thodee see humko tumsey huee hai
Tumko bhee hai na, humsey huee hai
Ulphat bhee, uljhan bhee, thodee see sharaarat bhee
Sangat bhee, rangat bhee, thodee see hararat bhee
Mushkil ko milkey aasaan karengey
Aao naa thodee muhobbat karengey
Jaane bhi de..

I have a bit, from you
You also have a bit from me, right?
affection, dilemma, a little mischief too..
togetherness, colour, a little fever too..
We will make the problems easy together
Come we will love a little..
Let it go..

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