Surkh wala, Soz waala, Faiz wala Love: Meanings

Surkh means red. Deep red.
Soz means ardour, a burning for a person or a cause.
Faiz means goodness. As in, to good for others.

Now let's get into a little detail.

Surkh wala love would mean a deep love. If you still want to try a little more meaning, you can think of it as the colour of one's eyes as there is Soz, ardour, a burning for the person you love. And then there is faiz wala love, that is a love that thinks about the good of the person you love, and not just about yourself.

Thanks for the lovely lyrics to Anvita Dutt.

P.S. We see that Faiz in many places is written as 'victorious'. Here it should be worth a mention that this Faiz in Urdu comes from Persian instead which means 'Grace'.

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Anonymous said...

Very Nice...., its good lyrics..n u have given a nice explanation...

Anonymous said...

Faiz means triumphant so when they say faiz wala love they mean that it is the kind of love that always wins, never loses. It is nicely written and you have explained very well but I just wanted you guys to be aware of this.

Harshit Gupta said...

@Anonymous: Please check the P.S. already written there. We were expecting for this doubt to come up. :)

Anonymous said...

Who cares for the meanings, its a nice song...

Anonymous said...

thanks for sharing the meaning. now i love it more

Anonymous said...

I think 'Surkh', 'Soz' and 'Faiz' refers to the respective Poets'* pen names and there devotion to love.
Jalaluddin Surkh (the Holy Saint)
Muhammad Meer Soz
Faiz Ahmad Faiz

Anonymous said...

Faiz is a famous Urdu poet known for romantic as well as socialist poetry. He has defined love in his poetry many times.

However, this is just a hinglish song with the lyricist trying to load it with Urdu words, fitting or not fitting.

Anonymous said...

10x 4 explaination.
i love this song very much.
my fav. lyrics & my fav. song at all.
i think everyone like it.
10x anvita dutt.lovely 3 main leading alia varun & sid.great song in kashmir.

Anonymous said...

tammam dil become garden garden

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